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The 5 Best Whittling Knives [Ranked]

In this post, we examine 5 of the best-selling whittling knives. Our top recommendation is the Morakniv whittling knife. Click here to jump to the video review.  Whittling is the art of carving shapes out of blocks or pieces of wood. While there are multiple knives for wood carving, whittling knives (or pocket knives) are generally straight […]

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The 5 Best Online Knitting Classes [Ranked]

In this post we examine 5 of the best-selling Udemy knitting courses. If you’re looking to learn how to knit online from a reputable instructor, Udemy and it’s money back guarantee can be a great resource. Our top pick is the Knitting Crash Course, taught by Emily Woodhouse. She says it’s the perfect course for “brand […]

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The 5 Best Wood Carving Tools [Ranked]


In this post, we examine 5 of the best-selling wood carving tools on the market.  Wood carving tools are sharp, bladed instruments with either plastic or wood handles that allow woodcarvers to sculpt and carve wood. Good tool sets give users a variety of blade tips for various woodworking needs (Source).How do they work?These tools come […]

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The 5 Best Online Drawing Classes [Ranked]

If you’re looking to learn to draw, one of the most cost-effective ways to become proficient is to take an online Udemy course. In this post we examine five of the most popular Udemy drawing courses and see if they live up to the hype.What is a Udemy drawing course?Udemy is a company that specializes in […]

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The 5 Best Glow In The Dark Paints [Ranked]

Glow In The Dark Paint

In this post we examine 5 of the best-selling glow in the dark paints. Before we dive in, if you’re looking for a luminous paint for DIY indoor/outdoor wood, glass, metal, paint, fabric, plastic applications, check out the Aurora paint. If you want a body paint, check out the UV Glow paint.  The Aurora, DecoArt, Glominex and the […]

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The 5 Best Self-Healing Mats [Ranked]

Self-Healing Mats

Self healing cutting mats (also known as fabric cutting boards) provide a protective cutting surface that ‘magically’ recovers from cuts (Source).  They’re generally 3 mm thick and built from layered PVC plastic with inch/metric markings as well as grid lines for orienting your crafts projects (Source).  Buyers range from sewers, crafts professionals, quilters, photo croppers, […]

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The 5 Best Wood Burning Pen Tool Kits

Wood Burning Pen Tool Kits

A wood burning pen kit is a basic tool-  it’s a device with a removable tip through which heat is transferred (Source).  These wood burning pens provide adjustable temperatures for writing on different surface materials and different tips to produce different effects (Source).  The most common surface is wood, but they can also work on surface materials […]

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The 5 Best Tattoo Power Supplies [Ranked]

Drywall Cutout Tools

The tattoo power supplies we examined enable you to connect both your shader and liner and toggle between both with a switch flip (Source). This means both are powered up on stand-by, ready to go- a real time saver (Source). They generally ship with foot pedals and clip cords. One interesting differentiation is that the TMXX and […]

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The 5 Best Tie Dye Kits [Ranked]

Tie-dye kits are offer a great way of artistically engaging children, providing a fun and healthy outlet for their creativity (Source). Adults, as well, find them a fun crafts project- a creative means of bonding with young children (Source). The different kits we examined ship with instructions, in addition to gloves and rubber bands, to provide you […]

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The 5 Best Paint Markers [Ranked]

Paint Markers

Paint markers are designed to provide street and graffiti artists with a vibrant and permanent marking solution that is resistant to weather and rough surface conditions. Paint markers are composed of heavy, pigmented colors that are suspended in a solvent or resin solution. In comparison to ink markers, inks are typically thinner than paint markers and […]

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