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The 5 Best Calendar Clocks [Ranked]

Calendar Clocks For the Elderly

Calendar clocks are fantastic tools for people suffering from cognitive impairments, memory loss, impaired vision and for the elderly in general (Source).

They reduce an individuals’ anxiety and help caregivers to stick to comfortingly dependable schedules. Calendar clocks for elderly or impaired individuals will prominently display the time, month, day and date (Source).

Many of them also include the year, which can be helpful if your loved one is suffering from dementia.

They are specifically designed for people suffering from cognitive impairments. With the progression of dementia, its sufferers require structure and routine to help reduce feelings of confusion and anxiety that the disease engenders.

SaleBestseller No. 1
DayClox Memory Loss Digital Calendar 5-Cycle Clock with Red White & Blue or Black & White Section Display
  • This latest edition to the DayClox brand Digital Calendar Day Clocks has 2 NEW display options which can be selected through the menu - choice of BLACK & WHITE sections or RED, WHITE & BLUE sections. These new display sections allow for easier differentiation & understanding of the displayed information. This format helps the eyes focus on an individual section of the screen and not view it all together, which may be difficult for some people. Available in English only.
  • The DayClox provides a high-resolution display that shows the full day of the week, month and date in large, clear lettering (no confusing abbreviations)
  • Can work with 8 different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, Welsh & Dutch
  • Can be set to 12 hour or 24 hour (Military Time)
  • Its overall dimensions are: 8.5" Wide x 6.75" High x 1" Deep (it is 4.5" deep with the kickstand) & an 8" display screen (measured diagonally)

DayClox Video Review

Let's take a look at some of our favorite calendar clocks for people suffering from cognitive impairments.


Best Calendar Clocks For 2024 

SaleBestseller No. 1
SSYA Digital Calendar Alarm Clock - Dementia Clocks for Vision Impaired, Elderly, Memory Loss Clock with Non-Abbreviated Clock with Date and Day (7 inch)
  • CLEAR DISPLAY:7 inch 1024*600 HD LCD,Clearly spells out the time. no confusing abbreviations.Time display: 6:00 am - 11:59 am (MORNING), 12:00 pm - 5:59 pm (AFTERNOON), 6:00 pm to 8:59 pm (EVENING), 9:00 pm to 11:59 pm (NIGHT) and 12:00 am - 5:59 am(PREDAWN).8 languages:English,français,Deutsche,italiano,Polskie,Español,Nederlands,Cymraeg.
SaleBestseller No. 2
JALL 【New 2024】 Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock - with 8" Large Screen Display, am pm, Multiple Alarms, for Impaired Vision People, The Aged Seniors, The Dementia, for Desk, Wall Mounted,
  • 【Large Screen Display】- 8" High Resolution Digital Alarm Clock clearly spells out the time, date, month. It's clear enough to look at the time far away. -*** The clock is not battery operated.***
SaleBestseller No. 3
AINFTIME Digital Clock with Date and Day of Week for Elderly-12 Alarms Medication Reminder Dementia Alzheimers Clock Calendar with Extra Large Display (7 inch Black)
  • ⏰【Multi-Displays: Elderly Clock, Wall Clock and Colorful Clock】With 3 displays, each display meet the needs of different people: Elderly Clock is specially designed for our elderly, with [large non-abbreviated font] [Date, Year, Month and Time]display, which is convenient for the elderly to read; Wall Clock , which can display the time at the same time as the living room decoration, very beautiful; Colorful Clock is a color display, suitable for young and small children
Bestseller No. 4
TROCOTN 10 Inches Digital Clock Calendar Clock Large Display Alarm Clock Wall Clock (Black)
  • HD DISPLAY FUNCTION : This unique 10-inch High Resolution Digital Calendar Clock display uses large and thick letters that clearly spell out the time, period of the day, full day of the week, month and date - with no confusing abbreviations. Adapter cable length about 150cm (59 inch), The clock is NOT battery operated.
SaleBestseller No. 5
DreamSky Digital Clock with Date and Day of Week for Seniors - Colorful Large Display Calendar Clock for Elderly Dementia Bedroom Bedside, Adjustable Backlight, 6 Loud Alarms, Battery Backup, Auto DST
  • Colorful Large Display Easy to Read: This digital calendar clock with 7.6 inches large colorful screen clearly displays time, custom alarm reminders, date, weekday, and temperature. Easy to read across the bedroom/living room without putting glasses on, perfect electronic calendar clock for elderly, seniors, and vision impaired.

*Update May 2024: 2 Other Popular Options

The La Crosse Technology Atomic Calendar Clock is another solid option. Its time digits measure 2.5" and the day of the week is 1" in height.

It is a battery-powered (AA batteries) or AC adapter powered calendar clock that can be set in either English or Spanish language. Its users say that it is especially bright, enabling elderly relatives and loved ones to easily read the time and date at night.

One woman purchased it for her 90-year-old mother who lives in a senior care facility. She says that it was exactly what she needed- the numbers and print are large enough that she is able to read them from her bed.

It can also be mounted on the wall, which is useful if you don't have a otherwise convenient area to sit the calendar clock.

This extra large LED calendar clock by Big Time Clocks measures 6" in height by 12" in width by 1.5" in diameter and is powered by a 6' long cord. Real-time display is 2.5" in height and the date display is 1.3 inches in height. You can mount this aluminum-framed calendar clock on the wall- which is a feature that many users found especially practical.

One user purchased it for her 87-year-old mother who has a tendency to mix up the days. She says that after she bought this extra-large calendar clock she does not have that problem anymore. She also comments that it is particularly easy to read, and doesn't hurt the eyes. The primary drawback is that it does not include a battery-power option, which means that it won't stay on if the power goes out.

Though, it does not lose time when the power does go out. One other minor drawback that some users noted is that they wish the display came in other colors besides red, but in general most of its users highly endorse this calendar clock.

Another handy feature is the remote control that enables you to adjust brightness settings. One other buyer purchased it for her mother-in-law that had moved into her and her husband's home. She says that it performs double duty as a nightlight, enabling her mother-in-law to know what time it is when she gets up at night, illuminating her nighttime forays.

Watch the Wayfair Super Large Clock In Action

The 5 Best Calendar Clocks for the Elderly

1. The Clear Clock Digital Calendar Day Clock

If you are or care for an elderly person suffering from Alzheimers or dementia, this could be a solid calendar clock for you. It clearly displays the day, week and month in a large, bold and bright 8-inch LED display. Even those with eye problems will be able to see the time from a distance. You can use this as a desk clock or mount it on the wall of your home or office for easy visuals. When 7:00 PM strikes, it automatically dims its screen.

This clock is sleek and with a modern design. Its functionalities include on/off button, automatic calendar, date mode and dual time which can be set in 8 different languages. Garnering solid ratings from its users, you can tell that it is a solid option.

2. The Dynamic Living Oversized Digital Calendar Wall Clock

The Dynamic Living calendar clock is another solid option. One of its prominent features is that it will not lose the time and date settings despite a power outage. It can be installed on the wall or be used as a desk clock. It is great for kitchens, family rooms and offices. The large LED display of this clock which is 1.5 inches in height is clear and easy to read even from a distance. There are three buttons at the back of the clock which you can use to set the time and date. People with especially poor vision will benefit from this clock.

3. The DayClox Digital Calendar Day Clock

This high-resolution digital clock has received high praise from its users. This is unsurprising considering its many standout features. It spells out the full day of the week and displays the month and date in a bold, large and non-glare display. It is great for seniors suffering from memory loss as it does not display potentially confusing abbreviated details. The clock can be configured to any of 8 languages while the time can be set to a 12-hour or 24-hour cycle. It is an ideal clock for homes, offices, classrooms and senior care facilities.

4. The Ivation Oversized Digital Calendar Clock

One of the useful features of this clock is that its brightness can be customized in 3 levels so that users will be able to see the display in bright sunlight or darkness. This clock is specially designed for people with poor vision. The time, day and name of the month are all displayed in big and bold blue letters. No need to hazard guessing if it is PM or AM, either- this clock has that covered as well. In case of power loss, there is no need to reset the time. When you buy this unit, it comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

5. The Pointells Extra-Large Digital Calendar Day Clock

This clock is a must for the elderly and people with weak memory or low vision. The details are displayed in extra-large, glare-free and easily readable white font against a black background. Days and months are not abbreviated to avoid confusion. Even at a distance of 30 feet, the display in the clock is still visible. You can have it wall-mounted or used on top of your desk. An adapter is also included in the package to eliminate batteries. This type of clock is available in 9-, 10-, 13.5- and 18.5-inch screens.

Antique Calendar Clocks?

If you’re decorating your home, and you have a passion for antique decor, you might want to take a closer look at antique calendar clocks. These clocks usually aren’t that large, but they are very impressive looking. Read on to learn more about these clocks and what they can after.

These Clocks Show The Date And The Time

These clocks don’t just show the current time; they also show the date. This is why they’re referred to as calendar clocks. The additional information may not be quite as useful now as it was in the past, but it does give these clocks a unique look and feel.

There Are Many Styles Of Calendar Clocks

Not all calendar clocks on the market have the same look. Although you’ll see many clocks that have a similar style, there are clocks in different styles as well. If you explore your options, you’ll see that there are many clocks with an appealing look.

These Clocks Are Beautifully Made

A lot of the antique clocks that are on the market today are exquisitely made. In fact, there are many clocks that are handcrafted. The clocks that are still available are products that have stood the test of time.

There Are Affordable Options

Buying antiques can be extremely costly, but you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune in order to buy these clocks. There are some cheaper options out there. If you look at options in your price range, you may see a number of stunning clocks.

Now that you have a better understanding of antique calendar clocks and what they offer, you can decide whether or not you’d like to have a clock like this in your home. The right clock could wind up being a very sound investment, and it could improve your home’s decor.

What are calendar clock users saying?

  • It is likely that you will have to help the person who will be using the calendar clock to set it up correctly especially if they have a cognitive impairment.
  • Make sure you check out the warranty information of the calendar clock prior to purchase. It’s important to understand what your options are should you be this satisfied with what you have bought.
  • Many Amazon customers report purchasing these items as gifts for aged friends and family members.
  • Interestingly, some users report that their wall clocks double as nightlights because of their bright displays.
  • Many users also report that these calendar clocks are plug-and-play. Meaning they just have to plug them in, do some light set up, and then not have to touch them for years.
  • Another great feature of these oversized clocks is that they do not lose their time and date settings should a power outage occur. This is an especially great feature because once power is restored, the clock resumes without having lost track of time due to a memory chip.
  • Some users have modified their clocks by adding a darkening film over the front to decrease the brightness of the display.
  • While these clocks are typically used for individuals experiencing cognitive impairments like dementia, or vision problems, some users also report purchasing them for friends who suffer from attention deficit disorder and memory problems.
  • The calendar clocks also help ADHD sufferers to remain focused on the present.
  • Some users have reported that clocks that display a.m./p.m. as a “dot” were not the best option for people with cognitive impairments because it was too hard to tell whether it was day or night from the display.
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