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The 5 Best Bottle Cutters [Ranked]

Bottle Cutter Machines and Tools

Bottle cutting machines and cutters are safe and easy ways to repurpose bottles without cracking them.

The bottle cutting tool kits that we review below are the best options if you are considering a glass bottle cutting project, whether you are into arts and crafts or just intrigued by their eco-friendly potential.

The best bottle cutters provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional methods that use string and acetone.

Bottle cutting is trending in popularity as people all over the world use them to fashion candleholders, vases, candy dishes, terrariums, and many more innovative creations. Let’s take a look at the best-reviewed bottle cutting machines and kits.


The Ultimate Edition includes the USA-made Creator's Bottle Cutter, Creators Bottle Neck Cutter, Isolation Rings, Grinding Stone, Hand Pad and a collection of Glastoppers.

You'll be able to begin converting empty bottles into unique artifacts.

It'll let you score beer bottles, wine bottles, square bottles, triangular bottles, oval bottles.

Just about any type of bottle that has a flat bottom.

Bottle Cutter Machine Reviews

1. The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

With this bottle cutter, you can cut wine bottles safely without wounding yourself. It cuts bottles that are 43 to 102 mm thick. It uses a blade that can last over 200 cuts. When you buy this bottle cutter, it also comes with a sandpaper to give you cut a smooth finish. The best thing about this cutter is that it lets you cut as low as a quarter of an inch from the bottom. You may have difficulties making a perfect cut the first time, but as you go and discover the right technique, you will find it hassle free to use. You can use this cutter to turn bottles into vases, lamps, candle holder and other creative items.

2. The AGPtek Glass Bottle Cutter Machine & Cutting Tool

Recycle old bottles into something new using this AGPtek long glass bottle cutter that has a cutting length of 9 inches from the bottom of the bottle to the cutting point. First time users may have a hard time making the perfect cut, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to cut bottles easily. The resulting cut is smooth and clean. Made from durable metal, this cutter is more durable than its plastic counterparts. With it, you can recycle jars and glass bottles into drinking glasses, sun catchers, ornaments and other innovative items.

3. The Diamond Tech Crafts Bottle Cutter

Crafting old bottles into a drinking glass, vase, shot glass or another piece of art will be easy with the help of this ergonomic US-made glass cutter. It is compact, durable and lightweight. It is made from aluminum g2 with 6 turreted cutting heads engineered for longevity. Aside from bottles, it also cuts wide-mouth jars. If you buy this item, it also includes 2 emery paper score tappers for making the surface smooth. Many users also have been able to cut thicker bottles with this cutter kit.

4. The Creator’s Bottle Cutter

Cutting bottles can be a breeze with the Creator’s Bottle Cutter. Measuring 12 x 6 x 5 cubic inches, it is great for turning bottles into beautiful pieces such as candle holders, shot glasses, vases and others. It comes with a carbide cutting head and rings that isolate the score for separating bottles faster. Even thick champagne bottles will break smoothly and easily with this tool. A special bonus if you buy this product is you also get a palm protector to keep your hand safe when cutting.

5. The AceList Glass Bottle Cutter

In four easy steps, you can turn your old wine bottle into a vase, a shot glass, a tumbler, or any other piece of art, using this cutter. Although you may need several attempts to make a perfect cut, once you learn how to use it, you will love cutting glasses with it. Its maximum cutting length is about 6 inches from the bottom of the glass. Some users experienced having a hard time getting a clean break. It may be hard to score at first but you will easily get the hang of it.

Preparing for bottle cutting

  1. The first thing you should do is to put on some safety glasses as well as some rubber gloves with canvas backing.
  2. Secondly, remove the cork or the cap from the bottle that you will be scoring.
  3. Next, wash out all of the contents from the bottle so that there is not a mark of residue remaining in it.
  4. Depending on the bottle cutting device that you have purchased, follow the user guide to safely cut your bottle.

Another reviewer describe the process as:

  1. First remove the label from the area that you wish to cut.
  2. Then remove the wine label.
  3. Then you must score the bottle- but only do this once.
  4. Then pour boiling water from a kettle over the scored bottle.
  5. Then you will turn the cold water on in a steady stream, rotating the scored bottle beneath the faucet.
  6. Eventually you will feel the bottle give way and separate into two.
  7. Success!

Other manufacturer bottle cutting tips:

Since these are professional cutting tools, some important guidelines and tips that you should consider include:

  1. Practice makes perfect-don’t expect a flawless cut the first time you try.
  2. Don’t blame the blade if you are experiencing problems cutting a bottle- make sure that the blade is in contact with the bottle and if it is not that you will need to reset the blade.
  3. Make sure that you have removed all of the paper from the outside of the bottle because this will make it easier for the bottle cutter to work.
  4. Be exceptionally careful the first time that you are cutting.
  5. It is important to remember that in class is easily broken-to make sure that you are practicing on class that is between two and 8 mm thick.

Why you should stop discarding your finished wine bottles

Next time you finish a bottle of wine, consider saving it rather than throwing it out. What if we told you there was a neat way of converting this apparent trash into arts and crafts treasure? Besides just arts and crafts, the practice of bottle cutting can actually turn wine bottles into practical household items!

If you Google wine bottle arts-and-crafts you’ll likely discover individuals have repurposed old wine bottles into hanging pendant lights, artisanal dish soap dispensers, creative photos displays, wind chimes and even bird feeders!

There are literally millions of do-it-yourself projects involving repurposing wine bottles and other glass artifacts.

What are customers saying about the Kinkajou bottle cutter?

  • Customers advise that as long as you follow the instructions bottle cutting will likely be successful for you. It may take several tries before you perfect the process, but once you do it is a fairly easy thing to accomplish.
  • As you get better and better with your bottle cutting machine, you will discover new ideas and inspiration for DIY projects you can undertake.
  • Users write that they have been able to successfully use this bottle cutter to successfully cut close to the bottom of bottles near a quarter of an inch from the base.
  • As well, they have had success cutting amber, green, clear, blue bottles made of glass as well as glass bottles of varying thicknesses and sizes.
  • One user writes that the key to successful bottle cutting using this particular device is not to put excessive amounts of pressure on the bottle. It needs to be able to rotate fairly easily.
  • While wine bottles are a cinch for the Kinkajou, beer bottles are much more difficult to cut, with users saying that many of the bottles cracked or were produced with irregular cuts.
  • Another user comments that they love the be free and fast shipping from Amazon.
  • The only thing that this buyer wasn’t so happy with was the steep learning curve. It took him a full day, several YouTube explanatory videos, and other internet sites, before he was able to confidently produce quality cut bottles.
  • Another advantage of this particular bottle cutting kit is that it is highly affordable and does not require any supplementary materials except what is already included.
  • One user did note regarding the Kinkajou cutter that if you were looking to cut uneven surfaces it probably would not be the best for that- since it functions as a vice grip any sort of uneven surfaces going to be problematic for it to work on.
  • Probably the number one trick, one user commented, is that you need to get a feel for the pressure and speed to use while you were turning it.
  • The best way to practice is to use a couple of bottles as throwaway testers to get some experience on before you begin working on a particular bottle that you want to keep.
  • Sandpaper was the preferred method of polishing the glass to remove the sharp edges after the cut.
  • Another minor drawback to this device is that it can sometimes slide and it is returning it, if you are not careful, which may create an even cut.

What are customers saying about the AGPtek bottle cutting tool?

  • One reviewer writes about receiving his bottle cutter and being excited to find a new way to reuse and recycle glass.
  • He writes that the instructions were comprehensive and provided informative guidelines for making a straight cut. He was impressed by the amount of patience that is required to effectively produce a quality and even cut.
  • There are six different adjustment points for this particular cutter, enabling width adjustments for scoring the bottle in different ways including lengthwise.
  • He writes of using a hex wrench as well as pliers to make these adjustments rather than with his fingers.
  • As well, he writes that it has been challenging to get used to the hot and cold water baths that are required for the bottle cutting process to be complete.
  • Another reviewer writes that the process is basically scoring it, heating the glass, cooling the glass, and then breaking it apart.
  • While many people were impressed with the quality of the product, they do concede that it is a difficult process to figure out.

Bottle cutting resources

  1. Homesthetics
  2. BottleCutting
  3. ViralNova

Final thoughts

Bottle cutting machines are interesting arts and crafts devices that have eco-friendly applications. If you are interested in purchasing one of these products, make sure you read our reviews and check in on the active comments section on the Amazon product page to get further insight into whether the bottle cutting kit you are looking at is right for you.

That said, the best advice we can give is that you will have to be really patient if you want to eventually master the bottle-cutting process.

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