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The 5 Best 3-Piece Luggage Sets [Ranked]

3-Piece Luggage Sets

Three-piece rolling luggage sets are dynamic traveling companions (Source).

They feature 3 different-sized suitcases that can fit one inside the other for small-footprint storage (Source).

They are generally lightweight and rugged- the options we examined are also relatively affordable as opposed to more luxurious sets (Source). 

In addition, the small and medium-sized suitcases typically can fit inside overhead airline storage bins (Source). 


How They Compare

The American Tourister and Rockland 3 piece luggage sets are both polyester, while the Merax, Samsonite and Kenneth Cole are all hard-shell options. The Merax and Samsonite both have integrated TSA-approved locks.

All of these 3 piece suitcase sets have spinner wheels and include telescoping handles.

The Rockland has the chicest color palette to choose from, with options including pink zebra, black dot and and pink giraffe, while the Samsonite has more of a business-like appearance.

Another interesting option, the Merax 3 piece suitcase set is actually expandable- so you can load it up 25% over standard capacity.

Frequent travelers say that these colorful suitcases are easy to spot on airport carousels.

Made from 100% Polyester, the interior lining is also zippered. Another handy feature is its ability to expand- all the way up to an inch. For those frequently on the road in the winter, the largest bag is great for hauling bulky cold-weather clothing.

Conveniently, buyers also say the medium and small can both fit in the over-head storage bin. Overall, an affordable and attractive option that comes in a range of distinctive colors. 

Comparing The Options

Best 3 Piece Suitcase Sets For 2024



Ease of Use

This 3-piece Fieldbrook luggage set offered by American Tourister is well-designed, elegant, and stylish. Users love the price and the color options, but some do note that the lining is thin and flimsy.


The Fieldbrook luggage set includes a boarding bag (15” x 10” x 8”), medium upright case (21” x 14” x 7”), and a large upright suitcase (24.5” x 16” x 8”). It features an ultra-light construction, a fabric lining, reinforced corners for protection during harsh travels, a locking, push-button handle, and exterior and interior pockets. The tote bag also features a smart sleeve, and the set is available in five different colors.


A buyer comments that the shoulder bag is very roomy and that there is space for medication, gifts, toilets accessories and even books. She adds that the suitcases didn’t get damaged during her trip and that she is very pleased with the design and durability.


Another customer shares that she has been using the American Tourist 3-piece set for years and that there is no sign of wearing out or tearing. A user also shares that the suitcases are very light and that they roll smoothly on hard surfaces.


However, some customers have complained that the quality of the Fieldbrook traveling set is poor and that the suitcases didn’t even last for one trip. Some users also note that they had issues with the zippers and the handles.


  • Well-designed
  • Elegant
  • Roomy
  • Reinforced corners
  • Exterior and interior pockets
  • A locking handle
  • A smart sleeve
  • Available in different colors
  • Cheap


  • Zipper and handle problems
  • Thin lining
  • Quality complaints



Ease of Use

If you are in need of new traveling bags, you might take a look at this 3-piece luggage set offered by Rockland. Users love the cute patterns, but some do note that the zippers are fragile.


The Rockland set consists of a large upright suitcase, a medium upright case, and a carry-on bag, and it’s available in seven different colors. The set is made of 100 % polyester, and it features skate wheels, a full lining, a push-button, self-locking handle, side and top handles, and internal zipped pockets. The bag also has exterior pockets, and you can roll it easily thanks to the durable wheels.


A buyer shares that she was skeptical about the quality of the Rockland bag set due to the low price, but it survived several flights without any signs of damage or deformation.


She highly recommends it as the best light luggage set. Another user adds that the bags held remarkably well during the years and that the suitcases are more spacious and useful than she expected. A purchaser also states that the color hasn’t faded even after a couple of months and that you can immediately spot your bags at the baggage claim area. However, some customers have complained that the Rockland travel set is not very durable and that it tore very quickly.

Examining The Rockland Luggage 


  • Cute
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Skate wheels
  • Full lining
  • A self-locking handle
  • Side and top handles
  • Exterior pockets
  • Cheap


  • Quality complaints
  • Fragile zippers



Ease of Use

This 3-piece suitcase set offered by Merax is affordable, well-made, durable, and handy for long journeys. Users love the price and the elegant design, but some do note that they had issues with the handles.


The Merax travel set includes a 28” expandable suitcase, a 24” expandable case for checking in, a 20” non-expandable suitcase to carry on the plane, and it’s available in nine different colors. It’s made of lightweight ABS and PC hard shell material, and it features multi-directional spinner wheels, an adjustable 3-level telescoping handle, metal handle clamps, a 3-digit combination lock, a fully lined interior, and multi-use pockets.


A reviewer says that the suitcases are roomier than she expected and that they are light, stylish, and roll easily. She adds that after several trips there are still no scratches or scuff marks.


The user highly recommends it as the best light, expandable luggage set. Another buyer comments that the handle raises and lowers smoothly and that it’s placed on the outside of the suitcase so that it doesn’t take any space inside. A purchaser also shares that the built-in locks are handy and that she doesn’t have to worry about losing her luggage.


However, some customers have complained that the Merax 3-piece luggage set is a product of very cheap quality and that it literally fell apart on the first trip. Some users also note that they had issues with the lock and the lined interior.


  • Affordable
  • Well-made
  • Expandable
  • Multi-dimensional spinners
  • An adjustable handles
  • Lock
  • Pockets
  • A fully-lined interior


  • Complaints of cheap quality
  • Zipper, handle and lock issues



Ease of Use

If you are searching for a top-notched luggage set, you might consider this 3-piece traveling set offered by Samsonite. Users love the combination lock, but some do note that it’s easy to scratch the bags.


The Samsonite bag set includes one large suitcase (28”), a medium case (24”), a carry-on case (20”), and it’s made of 100 % polycarbonate with sharp molded details to absorb impact. It features full-capacity design, a full-zip interior divider, organization pockets, side mounted TSA locks, cross-straps, and spinner wheels. The traveling set is available in multiple colors, and it’s an excellent choice for any businessperson. 


A customer shares that she has used the Samsonite luggage set extensively for the past years and that she is very impressed with the sturdy and elegant design.


She says that it’s easy to set your combination for the lock and that the handles slide smoothly. Another reviewer adds that it’s a child’s play to maneuver with the wheels and that this is the best spinner luggage set available. A user also states that Winfield travel suitcases are among the most durable luggage sets and that it’s easy to spot them at the baggage area due to the vibrant colors.


However, some customers have complained that the zipper is cheap and flimsy and that they had issues it even on the first trip. Some users also note that the quality is not what they expected from the Samsonite brand and that the suitcases get damage pretty quickly.

Examining The Samsonite Winfield


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • A TSA lock
  • Spinner wheels
  • A full-zip interior divider
  • Pockets
  • Cross-straps
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Side and top handles


  • Cheap zipper
  • Easy to scratch
  • Quality complaints
  • Expensive



Ease of Use

This traveling set offered by Kenneth Cole is light, elegant, durable, and easy to roll. Users love the durable design, but some do note that there are limited color options.


The Kenneth Cole luggage set consists of a small upright suitcase (20” x 12.6” x 8.5”), a medium upright case (24” x 15.25”x 9.5”), and a large suitcase (28” x 17.6” x 11.3”). The bags have spinner wheels so that you can roll them in any direction. This luggage set also features an ABS exterior, a fully-lined interior with cross straps and a zipper pocket, a u-shaped zipper pocket in the lid, a retractable handle, and top and side handles.


In general, users are extremely satisfied with the Kenneth Cole 3-piece luggage set, and they praise its elegance, functionally, and durability.


A buyer comments that this was the perfect gift for his wife for Valentine’s Day and that the suitcases barely got scratched during a harsh trip. Another customer mentions that this is the one of the lightest luggage set that he has encountered and that he highly recommends it. A user adds that the luggage set is very durable and that the handles are heavy-duty and they lock in place easily.


However, some customers have complained that the set is not expandable and that they had some issues with the wheels.


  • Elegant
  • Durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Spinner wheels
  • Retractable handle
  • Side and top handles
  • Zipped pockets


  • Limited color options
  • Not expandable
  • Wheels issues
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What Are Buyers Saying?

The American Tourister

The first three piece luggage set we examined is the polyester American Tourister set. This light weight luggage set comes in a variety of colors including black, charcoal, purple and red. The three different bags include a boarding bag and a pair of upright luggage bags.

  • Buyers we spoke to said it was perfectly sized option for married couples to travel domestically and internationally with the smallest of the three bags functioning as a carry-on option.
  • It seems that there is some confusion on the product page around different luggage sets-some of are quality while others are cheaply made, so we would recommend being highly discriminating when selecting this particular option.
  • Buyers we spoke to say that it is not an ostentatious option- with the smaller of the bags including a shoulder luggage strap that made it easy to transport precious and perishable items like toiletries and medications on domestic trips.

The Rockland

The second three-piece luggage set we examined is manufactured by Rockland- it comes in a variety of different colors so if you're looking for a black dot pattern, a leopard print, a pink print option, a pink giraffe style, or even a pink zebra color three-piece luggage set, this Rockland option could be a good fit for you.

It's made from polyester and each of the three luggage pieces include large front pockets, internal handles, and clear skating wheels. Indeed, all of the luggage pieces do have wheels.

Some reviewers who frequently travel domestically on cruise ships and riverboats, and who had an old Target luggage set, told us that they had been in the market for a fun, cute and colorful luggage set- this particular Rockland 3-piece spinner collection exceeded their expectations, though they acknowledged it is not a top-of-the-line rugged collection.

  • As opposed to more inexpensive, cheaper-looking options, the Rockland luggage said surpassed many buyers expectations with a robust warranty and well-machined handles, zippers, and wheels.
  • An international business traveler initially expressed skepticism concerning this three-piece luggage set, wondering whether its relatively cheap price would net him a durable option.
  • After having traveled with it for over six months, he's impressed with its attractive style, how lightweight it is, and how much travel accessories he could cram into them without imperiling their structural integrity.
  • A traveling salesperson recently upgraded his old TJ Max luggage set for this Rockland option, complimenting how easy it is to wipe down and clean up, in addition to the variety of convenient storage compartments each of the bags have.
  • In addition, purchasing three of these rolling travel bags can help accommodate traveling during different seasons- the larger option being especially useful during the winter months when he has to travel with bulkier, warmer clothes.
  • In addition, if you are a frequent flyer, this buyer tells us that instead of his clunky JC Penney suitcases, both the small and medium can function as a carry-on luggage, with both fitting into the overhead storage compartments.

The Merax

The third three-piece spinner luggage set we examined is manufactured by Merax Travelhouse. It ships in a variety of different colors including blue, black, red, sky blue, gold, and orange.

This is a hard shell option with 360° spinning wheels, a telescoping handle, combination locks and metal handle clamps. Each of the three suitcases has a different purpose, as opposed to Ebags luggage sets, with the largest designed for consignment, the medium size option ideal for checking in, while the smallest 20-inch suitcase engineered for working as carry-on flight luggage.

They market their spinner wheel system as an especially quiet means of navigating inconveniently tight spaces in airport terminals, with a three-step telescope handle enhancing maneuverability. Interestingly, these are marketed as expandable luggage bags, meaning that you can overpack by up to 25% and have the luggage expand in width, also contracting when you aren't shoveling your possessions into it.

The four-wheel design is engineered to avoid clogging with dirt and gravel, while at the same time helping it to stand upright- a convenient option when there is limited space. Once you're done using them, or have reached your destination, you can fit one inside the other to minimize their footprint for storage purposes.

Another great feature, because the handle falls into its own integrated space outside of the suitcase, it's not telescoping into the interior and limiting the amount of storage capacity of the bag.

  • A world-traveler who had been in the market for a hard shell luggage set says that he was initially deterred by the number of options on the market, in addition to how expensive they were.
  • He was pleasantly surprised by the quality construction and number of storage compartments on the interior of this cheap Merax option.
  • A best-option-for-the-money-buy, many reviewers say, these hardshell spinner suitcase sets have received relatively high praise, with buyers saying that they roll smoothly and the handles' telescoping feature make them height adjustable options.

The Samsonite

The fourth option we examined is the Samsonite three-piece suitcase set- it comes in a variety of different colors including purple, charcoal, orange and deep blue. This is a hard-shell, polycarbonate Samsonite luggage set with full zip interior dividers and organizational compartments.

The outer surface material is designed to be dent-resistant, absorbing shock and stress before rebounding out to its original shape- this means that it is more resistant to the nasty jostling luggage can take during domestic and international baggage handling. It also features a TSA-approved side mounted lock- and its brush-stroked color design has proved popular with both male and female travelers.

A lightweight, three-piece spinner set, the medium and large suitcases are expandable while the small one is not.

  • Overall, buyers were impressed by the Samsonite's stately and attractive appearance, its lightweight design, how easy it was to maneuver them through airport terminals with their smooth-rolling wheels and their scratch and dent-resistant polycarbonate design.
  • One reviewer wishes that there could be an integrated handle at the bottom of the suitcases to help hoist them into the backs of waiting limousines and travel taxis- but this is not a huge drawback.
  • Most buyers say that even after rough handling from uncaring baggage handlers any dent can be popped back out with a little bit of elbow grease.
  • Another reviewer who travels both internationally and domestically within the United States tells us that he has frequently loaded up his travel spinner suitcases with delicate glass objects that have withstood manhandling by TSA workers.

The Kenneth Cole

The last three-piece luggage set we examined is manufactured by Kenneth Cole- it comes in charcoal and cobalt blue and has a hard shell option that includes garment restraints and zipper pockets.

Featuring four spinner wheels and a retractable telescopic handle system, Kenneth Cole markets it towards users of different heights navigating tight spaces in foreign countries.

Conveniently you'll be able to store one inside the other, making it easy to save space in foreign hotel rooms or store them in your basement or garage when you are back home. These Kenneth Cole suitcase sets don't include integrated locks. On the plus side, they do include a 10-year warranty and are lightweight options that many buyers find convenient for short weekend trips to the seaside coast or to visit family upstate. Most reviewers are satisfied with the Kenneth Cole 3-piece's mobility, saying that even when loaded to the limits of their capacity that they still roll pretty smoothly.

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