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The 5 Best Bernat Blanket Yarns [Ranked]

Are you planning to perform some home décor projects or make some blankets, crochet baskets etc?

Are you in a hurry but want them to be amazing?

If your answer is “yes” to either of them, you shouldn’t look beyond Bernat Blanket yarn.

Available in a diverse range of variegated and solid shades, this chenille-style yarn (Source) lets you perform a huge range of projects quickly and conveniently.

A Crocheted Bernat TV Blanket

Bernat Blanket Yarn

Via: @thecrochetcrowd

Whether you’re planning to craft a crochet afghan for the bed or a baby blanket for your little one to arrive or anything in between, everyone will simply love the finished product for sure.


Comparing The Options

The Bernat Blanket BIG Yarn Review

The YouTuber writes that her video is “A quick review of what to expect if you work with Bernat’s biggest Blanket Yarn: Blanket Big.” 

Buying Guide

  1. How much do you need: If you have decided to make a soft, chunky blanket with the Bernat Blanket yarn, the first thing you need to decide on is how much of the product you’d need to complete the project.
  2. Thickness: With this product, mixing and matching of the yarns of the same thickness can be done and they come in different size packages like the 300g and the 150g which is ideal for people who don’t need a huge ball.
  3. Take measurements: The measurement of the blanket that you are planning to make is important to complete the project conveniently. For example, if you want to make a 6 ft tall blanket, then you should buy 6 balls of 10.5oz/300g size skein which is approximately 258 yards.
  4. Color issues: But if you plan to use a color which is available only in the Baby Blanket yarn, then you’d need to buy 3 times as many skeins. So, you’d require 18 balls of Baby Blanket yarn to complete the blanket. This is because the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn comes with only around 72 yards in a ball. In addition, a lot of Bernat yarn is available in a variety of weights, from thin and soft to big and bulky. And there is a yarn for almost every project, from cutting-edge textures to tried and true basics.

The Avocuddler!

bernat blanket yarn finished example

via: @theturtletrunk

The Instagrammer writes that this was supposed to be a gift for her stepdaughter’s birthday, but the design was harder to execute than she thought it was going to be!

But she figured it out and she loves the finished product. It’s a big cuddle buddy that’s super cute and squishy. It’s about 23” tall.

More Details

Bernat Blanket yarn is the go-to product for the whole family when it comes to completing projects related to home décor, baby, fashion, and more.

This cozy yarn is made of 100% polyester and a perfect choice for making a bold statement.

If you’re planning to do larger projects, simply go for the economical big ball size to stay within your budget.

The product is machine washable and easily dryable with low and delicate settings recommended.

It means whatever thing you make using the product, it can be taken care of in a completely hassle-free manner.

Since Bernat is one of the leaders in all things yarn, you can rest assured of having an amazing product.

While making a blanket needs a significant amount of time and effort, with this high-quality yarn, the work becomes heavily enjoyable.

And there are lots of amazing patterns available for Bernat Blanket yarn that you can try to make easy yet some of the most adorable and fun blankets.

Whether you use their famous blanket yarn or opt for the baby variety, the end product is going to be amazing.

And products made from Bernat Blanket yarn carry cherished memories from generation to generation, home to home.

So you can always create new memories by knitting something special.

Pink Baby Blanket

crocheting with this cozy pale pink yarn

via @yarnblossomboutique

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn

Welcoming a new life into the world is unquestionably the greatest feeling one can ever have.

If you know someone who is preparing, offering a crocheted baby blanket or handmade knit to wrap the baby in is probably the biggest gift for the would-be mother.

And with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, a new design can be worked up in almost no time.

Each ball is made of 100% polyester and probably one of the softest yarns you may ever feel.

Apart from the sheer softness, this yarn comes in amazing colors to choose from.

However, remember to wash it in cool water to handle it with the maximum care.

You can try out this easy knitting pattern to make a cute baby blanket.

Bernat Blanket Yarn Patterns

Whether you are trying to learn to crochet or are an experienced crochet aficionado, with the help of easy patterns for Bernat Blanket yarn you can make amazing blankets.

These patterns are available for doing projects using both Bernat Blanket yarn and Bernat Baby Blanket yarn.

So, whether you are planning to make something to increase the style quotient of your home or something amazingly soft for the baby, the incomparably soft yarn can help you with everything.

With the help of some complementary colors, pretty stitches and by investing some time, you’ll have something eye-catching and unique.

You can have a look at this post to learn about some simple yet amazing Bernat Blanket yarn patterns.

Bernat Blanket Stripes Yarn

Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn was made available in 2017.

It’s an interesting and lengthy variegated yarn that carries a familiar concept to Caron Cakes.

All you need to do is just open up the ball and you can see the colors which exist inside suddenly.

With lots of playful colors and modern shades, this yarn is actually fun to crochet.

These balls come with the same amount of yardage as the regular Bernat Blanket yarn.

So, the biggest advantage is all the Bernat brands can be mixed together as the yarn remains the same.

It means you’d be able to have an amazing mix of solids and stripes in the projects.

You’d get instant color transitions and the yarn strands are jointly twined.

Bernat Blanket Yarn Hat For Babies

If you need an incredibly soft and quick hat for the baby, the Bernat Blanket yarn can easily act as your savior.

However, there are things that should be kept in mind when you are doing this project.

First of all, the yarn has to be soft to offer the bay maximum comfort.

Secondly, a thick hat is extremely important unless you live someplace hot.

Here, the common rule is if you see through the final product, it won’t be keeping the baby warm.

And finally, try to make it in accordance with the modern style.

Remember that if you can make a hat that goes with everything will undoubtedly be worn a lot more.

In case you feel it difficult to decide on a color, it’s always recommended to choose neutrals to start with.

This video above can help you get a good understanding of how easily you can crochet a chunky baby hat.

Bernat Blanket Yarn Colors – How To Choose

Often, we tend to focus heavily only on the technical aspects of knitting like identifying the best stitch patterns or the right method to slip the stitches.

Unfortunately, we forget one of the most important parts about knitting – a pretty color combination that creates the beauty of the project.

When it comes to choosing colors for your Bernat Blanket yarn, the first thing you should do is considering a simple color wheel.

Here, you can split the colors into primary, secondary, as well as, tertiary colors.

The primary colors include red, blue, and yellow while the secondary colors include green, purple, and orange.

You get the tertiary colors like magenta, violet, amber etc by merging a primary color with a secondary one.

Remember that colors that are exact opposites of each other usually work well together.

Neutral colors like white, black, taupe, gray etc can all be applied to enhance colors.

It’s always heavily encouraged to use multiple or at least one neutral in the knitting color schemes to help other colors pop.

If you are still looking to get some help in finding a perfect color combination for your project, you can watch this video.

Bernat Blanket Yarn Equivalent

Finding the right Bernat Blanket yarn equivalent or substitute isn’t an easy task.

It can be particularly frustrating when the yarn found by you isn’t the right fit for your project’s patterns.

Undoubtedly, matching fiber content, as well as, yardage are extremely important when substituting Bernat Blanket yarn.

Probably the biggest difference that the yarns across the globe come with is the thickness.

In addition, the materials of the yarns may make a huge difference in terms of being long-lasting, vibrant, and comfortable.

However, there are some websites that can greatly help you sail through the process effortlessly.

Have a look at this website where we have identified some Bernat Blanket yarn substitutes.

Where To Buy?

While Bernat Blanket is one of the most popular yarns available in the market and actually an amazing choice for making blankets, sometimes it becomes difficult to find this brand in the local store.

Of course, there are a good number of substitutes to it available but as this is 100% polyester, it’s difficult to come by.

Also, if it’s available in the local store, you should remember that there may be more beyond what can be seen sitting on the shelf.

So, instead of switching fibers for your project, or getting restricted by a limited number of varieties, we strongly suggest shopping online to get the entire range of options.

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