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The Best Bar Stool Replacement Cushions And Covers

Bar Stool Replacement Cushions and Covers

If you have a worn-out bar stool cushion, you've probably considered replacing it.

Instead of having expensive reupholstering done, you can use one of the replacement barstool cushion covers below for an easy and attractive fit.

Whether it's for an indoor or outdoor area bar, cushions for counter stools can spruce up a bar stool without costing much money. Let's take a look at some of our favorite bar stool cushion covers and pads.


Bar Stool Cushions Compared

ThumbnailBar Stool CushionsManufacturerPriceOur RatingDiameterWeight
Miles Kimball Twillo Bar Stool Seat CushionMiles Kimball$4.413" x13" x 3"1.5lbs
Brown Faux Leather Stool CoversGetSet2Save$514" x 14" x 3.5"1.1lbs
eHemco Bar Stool CovereHemco$$4.913" x 13" x 1.5"1bs
Miles Kimball Beige Raindrop Bar Stool CushionsMiles Kimball$4.613" x 13" x 3"1.5lbs

How to repair a barstool cushion

Barstool styles




There are a bunch of different styles and types of barstools on the market with just as many manufacturers producing quality cushioned stools.

Some of the different types of barstools include wood, padded, counter as well as furniture barstools. Besides there being many different types of barstools, the materials used to construct them very as well.

These include: plastic, metal as well as wood. Most typically the woods that are used to build these stools include cherry, and mahogany which are frequently painted, varnished and stained.

Finally, there are some style characteristics that distinguish the different types of barstools available for purchase. As you can imagine, with any sort of sitting option, over time styles and aesthetics have changed with shifting tastes. There are barstools that have retro designs, antique looks, more classic appeal and some with modern characteristics that are minimalist in nature.

If you are looking to purchase a barstool, you can visit a local restaurant depot or a home and furniture supply store, or even look online where there are many options available for purchase.

If you purchased your barstool from a retailer, they will also often throw in replacement cushions- but if they don't, make sure you check out our barstool cushion comparison table to review the best cushions available on the market to replace the cushions you received with the stools you purchased.

What are barstools?

If you are considering purchasing a barstool cushion, you probably have a set of barstools either in your home or a business establishment. You can even make your own!

Many nightclubs or bars will have dozens of barstools, but they are often used in homes or even diners where people need an easy and convenient way to seat multiple guests.

Barstools are engineered to provide a seat that is high up to access elevated drinking and eating areas. They have long legs that are generally around or over 30 inches. 

One of the best features of barstools is that they are easy to clean. This is essential since they frequently are used during eating- and the barstool cushions themselves often are stain resistant, which is an excellent characteristic if you need to wash them.

The most typical type of stool is generally a four-legged version with a flat seat and leg rests.

More advanced versions will have swiveling seats, seatbacks, and cushions made from vinyl. Padded stools are more comfortable, but non-padded barstools are also around if you would like to purchase that. Sometimes they are ergonomically designed to include a scoop and backrest to accommodate the natural curvature of a persons sitting balance.

How to make your own bar stool cushions

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