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The 5 Best Bulk Ball Pit Balls [Ranked]

If you're looking for ball pit balls to fill up your home or business' ball pit, we've got you covered. 

We've compiled five of the best-selling bulk ball purchase options below. 

These bulk ball buys will help you fill up a ball pit.

Whether you're creating a residential playpen for your kids, or restocking a retail ball pool.

Either way, the options below will definitely work for you.


The Different Bulk Options

Bestseller No. 1
GOGOSO 100 Pieces Ball Pit Balls Plastic Phthalate&BPA Free Stress Balls for Toddlers and Kids Playhouse Ball Pit Accessories, 7 Bright Colors
  • DURABLE & REASSURANCE - Non-toxic and harmless, 100 pit balls free of phthalates; free of BPA; free of lead and non-PVC plastics.
SaleBestseller No. 4
YUFUL Ball Pit Balls 50pcs for Kids, Plastic Balls for Ball Pit, 2.2-Inch Crush Proof Play Balls BPA Free Non-Toxic, 7 Kinds of Bright Color Ocean Balls Include a Reusable Net Bag (Rainbow)
  • High Quality Ball Pit Balls - Our ball pit balls are specially designed for children and toddlers. The play balls for ball pits are non-toxic, free of BPA and lead, and crush proof.
SaleBestseller No. 5
LANGXUN 50 Soft Plastic Pit Balls - 2.2" Toy Balls for Kids - Ideal Baby Toddler Ball Pit Play Tent, Baby Pool Water Toys, Kiddie Pool, Party Decoration, Photo Booth Props For Exercise & Fitness
  • NON-TOXIC & ENVIRONMENTAL & CHILD SAFE - Pack of 50 pcs toy Balls with 7 rainbow colors. Made of food grade PE material with phthalate free, BPA free, lead free and non-PVC plastic, non-toxic, no smell. Each pit ball is thickened, more durable, and more brightly colored.

Pranking Your Dog

Bulk Ball Purchases

If you’re looking to make a bulk purchase, you can actually find a lot of great deals online.

The Honory Brand

One option that we found is the E Support bulk pit balls.

Bestseller No. 1
GeerWest Ball Pit Balls for Toddlers - Plastic Balls for Kids Ball Pit - Ball Pit Balls 100 with Mesh Popup Hamper for Storage - Ideal for Birthday Party Playground Pool Indoor Outdoor Games
  • ★100 Ball Pit Balls★: 2.2 inches, a perfect size for kids hand with bright and attractive colors. Made with Phthalate Free, BPA Free, Lead Free, Non-toxic, Odourless, Burr-free, Smooth, Soft and Clean and will not hurt child's baby skin. Safe and Healthy. Protecting your kids without worries.
  • ★Free Storage Hamper★: Comes with a mesh popup hamper of $10 value for the storage of pit balls. There will be no balls underfoot anywhere in the house. It can also be used for storing other items. When not in use, folded into tiny pieces, not taking up space, lightweight and easy to carry.

They are marketed as colorful plastic balls ideal for both adults and children – you can purchase them in different quantities 50 pieces, 100 pieces, and even 3,000 pieces.

Common Questions

One buyer that we spoke with wondered whether the balls would ship with a reusable bag? A reviewer responded by saying that for this particular model, the arrive in what’s described as a taped-up gray trash bag.

12′ x 12′ Pit

One poster wondered how many balls it would take to fill up a pit that measures 12 foot by 12 foot and is 3 ft deep?

Somebody responded saying that in their own case they have a ball pool pit that measures 2 feet by 2 feet and is a couple inches deep, they said that they needed over 400 balls to completely fill it up.

Filling Up A SUV

Another poster wondered how many of these it would take to fill up the back of a sports utility vehicle- in his case a Ford Escape? He was purchasing it as an April Fool’s joke to play on a friend – the top answer came from a poster who said it would probably take 2,000.

Pool Prank

Different Color Options

Another reviewer wrote that they had purchased the 1,000 ball set – they were shipped in a pair of installments, 500 each.

On the plus side, they were pleased with the colors – they are incredibly bright and glossy. They were also impressed with the color selection, finding eight different colors all assorted. Besides some of the traditional primary colors, there were some interesting exceptions like white, peach, blue, yellow, green, red, purple and pink.

Interestingly, some striped balls were also included. In terms of their texture and feel, the reviewer says that they are pretty thick, with a modicum of squish and give to them, but they don’t crack or snap when you give them a squeeze.

Few Defects

Another reviewer said that they ordered the thousand piece set- out of all of them, they were only for that were defective. She included a photo of an improvised Children’s ball pit – it’s inside of a fabric divider in her children’s room.

The Honory Brand

Another option we examined was the Honory Plastic Ocean Baby Ball Swim Pit Toy model.

Bestseller No. 1
PlayMaty Ball Pit Balls - Phthalate Free BPA Free Colorful Plastic Play Ocean Pool Balls for Kids Swim Pit Fun Toys 100pcs for Toddlers and Baby Playhouse Play Tent Playpen(Colorful)
422 Reviews
PlayMaty Ball Pit Balls - Phthalate Free BPA Free Colorful Plastic Play Ocean Pool Balls for Kids Swim Pit Fun Toys 100pcs for Toddlers and Baby Playhouse Play Tent Playpen(Colorful)
  • ♥ FASHION COLORS: The pit balls combination of 7 colors, the most popular combination on the Internet, with 100pcs each set.
  • ♥ MODERATE SIZE: The 2.2-inch diameter not only prevents children from swallowing and causing danger, but also fits the size of children's palm to facilitate grasping.

This is another option if you’re looking to buy a batch in bulk I’ve been there marketed as a non-toxic, BPA and lead-free model. Any manufacturers say that they’re great for babies and small children for fun and safe exercise inside of bounce houses, playpens, tents, and children pools.

Fast Shipment

One reviewer was particularly impressed saying that they were able to receive delivery of this bulk shipment within 3 days- and though they use it privately, the quality is comparable to what you find in public retail venues.

Another buyer explained that from her Perspective the best aspects of this all purchase was the cheap price, the color variety and the small size that made it great for young children to be able to grab onto. Going even further, the woman explains that her husband had ordered them for their eight-month-old child.

While she didn’t count every single ball, she’s fairly certain that she got the full 200 piece count in her shipment.

Dogs Love Them

They also find that their dogs enjoy playing with the balls as well, so it should be advised that pet scan destroy them and potentially choked on the parts – so just be careful about that.

Buying Guide

These fun balls are classic forms of activity for small children, toddlers and little ones of all ages. Even adults!

Finding your very own ball pit isn’t just worth the price but a toy that has been proven as well as tested for hours of pleasure as well as entertaining.

Before selecting the perfect one for your personal household, there are a few essential things you have got to find out about this flexible and worthwhile toy.

What Are They?

Ball pits are rectangular with a padded bottom and padded sides as well as surfaces. They’re filled with smaller decorative, hollow, softballs no bigger than that of a baseball. There are numerous varieties of types, large and small to decide on.

Where Did They Come From?

Exactly how did ball pits crop up?

Eric McMillan, a recreation space advisor in 1972 designed the initial documented ball bit in the Children’s Village in 1972 nestled in Ontario Place in Toronto, Canada.

Thereafter in 1975 at Sea World, the ball pit was introduced in the United States in Aurora, Ohio.

This creation ended up being actually part of the play area named Cap’n Kids World, which happens to be a pirate-themed creation of Eric McMillan as well.

Where To Find Them?

If you’re looking for one near you, try searching Google Maps.

These pits are generally found at establishments and playgrounds like theme parks as well as fun centers, nurseries, video arcades as well as some fast food chains that accommodate younger clients. You can find unique and more complex sorts of these pits, which are included with a lot of additional play buildings and toys.

For Adults, Too?

Aside from the usual sort of fun and pleasure, these types of play features can be utilized for exercising as well.

They can incorporate play and leisure functions with great ways for keeping teens fit and energized. Additionally, you can find pits you can rent especially during celebrations.

Purchase Considerations

  • First, when setting your mind on a product for children such as this you should know that as long as you have an available place for it.
  • Some are very small and they can fit anywhere, while others do require certain space dimensions

  • With the inflatable pits, the benefit is that the youngsters will have a playroom for all occasions. Indeed many different sizes and shapes are available on the market.

  • You can choose between small ones which can be used as pool as well as the ball pits but better solutions for sure are complex structures consisted of few combined such as bouncer, slide, tunnels, and pool

  • This depends on personal wishes but the quality of it is good and construction can last for a very long time regardless of size and shape

  • They are designed to hold up usual children’s behavior so do not get carried away with information such as material, there is a rule of making these stuff and hence all are made of the same special mixture of plastic and are reinforced to hold up the pressure.

  • Normally it comes with 25 or 50 balls but that is not much so it would be good if you would instantly buy 100 additional balls which can be bought for not much money but are really helpful once you decide to possess a ball pit.

  • One of the bad things is the fact that air pumps are rare accessories or, said differently you have to manually blow the air in since it does not come with the built-in pump.

  • Hence you can either buy a pump or take it with your car to the gas station with an available air pump which might be inconvenient if the item is bigger.

  • Either way: it is something to keep in mind. When it comes to the inflatable pits, there are not that many things that are as important, but you do want to have the size in mind and the light pocketbook since the inflatable pits do not cost too much.

  • Current versions can be purchased for home use or outside fun.

  • You will find a ball pit for all ages, which includes pits, which have been created for younger kids plus some that are engineered for the youngster in all of us!
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