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The 5 Best Automatic Toilet Flushers [Ranked]

Automatic Toilet Flush Kits

Automatic toilet flushers will help you convert your home toilet into an automatic flushing toilet without having to do a labor-intensive replacement of parts (Source).

The TECHO touchless toilet flush kit, which has a lot of fans, actually promises an install in under 10 minutes without any extra tools.

The way the touchless automatic toilet flush kits work is by time-sensing your presence in front of the toilet and then automatically flushing when you move away- so now you will not have to hold down a germ-infested handle to flush (Source).

These units are generally battery-powered and provide a pretty long lifespan.

The TECHO in particular boasts that it will last for up to 300,000 flushes and that its AA batteries will themselves last for 36,000 flushes, which translates to 100 times a day for a year. That's a lot of flushing!


Our Top Pick: The TECHO Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

Bestseller No. 1
Techo Touchless Toilet Flush Kit with 8” Sensor Range, Adjustable Sensor Range and Flush Time, Automatic Motion Sensor Powered by Batteries
2,457 Reviews
Techo Touchless Toilet Flush Kit with 8” Sensor Range, Adjustable Sensor Range and Flush Time, Automatic Motion Sensor Powered by Batteries
  • EFFORTLESS UPGRADE: Upgrading into automatic toliet without replacing the current toilet or toilet seat, AND the manual handle will be still working as a backup. Automatically flush when hands waving over the detection range. A more sanitary way to flush than using the handle.

It's designed to fit most flapper and canister-style toilets, but won't work with ballcock valve, dual-flush, pressure-assist, or top-mount flush toilets. Buyers we spoke with endorsed its ease of installation- with surprisingly clear instructions.

Buyers say that it's particularly sensitive- flushing when your hand waves as much as 4 inches away. You can actually adjust this, as well- Techo has an integrated a sensitivity adjustment.

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Changing the battery is a bit of a hassle, however- you'll have to disassemble it from the toilet tank and use a screwdriver to open it up.

Another handy feature- the auto flush system can work with an existing flush handle, enabling you to use either the auto-flush or the manual flush, or as a complete replacement so that touchless flush is your only option.

Automatic flushing toilets are not just great for minimizing exposure to disgusting bathroom germs, but they're also helpful for the elderly and disabled and great for children as well.

Let's take a look at five best-selling, touchless, toilet flush kits on the market today and see how they compare.

Comparing Them

Watch the Kohler In Action!

The Best Auto Flush Toilet Kits For 2024



Ease of Use

The reliable sensor technology and long lifespan of the TECHO Touchless Toilet Flush makes it a popular option.


It also features easy installation which makes it capable of being used without having to replace the toilet. It also remains unaffected by the external environment which stops any chance of a phantom flush. Users have found it to be useful and quick to install.


However, keep in mind that it is not compatible with the top-mounted flush toilet. The Waver Sensor TECHNO Toilet Flush is an amazing way to flush in a more sanitary manner.


Users of the TECHNO Waver Sensor Toilet Flush Kit have praised the product for working efficiently.


It also requires minimum effort to install with the already present toilet or toilet seat. One user of the TECHNO Automatic Toilet Flusher said it was useful during the night because he didn’t have to struggle with finding the flush handle.


The general consensus regarding the Dual-Flush TECHO Converter is very positive. One user also said his germophobe spouse absolutely loves it.

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  • The sensor shows high quality performance through the cover
  • Batteries are included
  • Installation can be completed in a few minutes


  • It doesn’t work with the top-mound flush toilet

2. The Rubbermaid Commercial Auto Flush Tank Review



Ease of Use

This Rubbermaid wireless flushing system is also pretty easy to install. This makes it a great way to flush the toilet for people who want to minimize germ-spread. Users have found the product to arrive with very clear instructions- and it’s pretty easy to install without needing a lot of plumbing experience.


Users of the Auto Flush Rubbermaid Tank have mostly shared positive feedback regarding the product.


One user of the Auto Flush White Tank said that he was able to install the unit all by himself in a few minutes. But he also shared a story that he used the sensor while toilet training his cat and his pet refused to use the toilet. One user of the Rubbermaid Flush tank said that the sensor wasn’t reliable and that only the 24-hour flush feature worked correctly for him.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable auto flushing timings


  • Using it with a float ball toilet-fill valve is not recommended
  • Cats still being toilet trained won’t like it



Ease of Use

The non-touch and easy-to-clean nature of the Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit allows your bathroom to become more hygienic experience.


It comes with 4 AA batteries, a trip lever hole, and an optional emblem. Keep in mind that it is not compatible with the top-mount flush.


The users of this kit have found it to capable of changing the overall feel of their bathroom and help minimize germ presence. The Touchless Kohler Toilet Flush is a good product to invest in if you want to make your bathroom more sanitary.


Users of the K-1954-0 Toilet Flush Kit have reached the consensus that it is easy to install and works as advertised.


One user of the Kohler flush kit shared his experience that ever since using this product it has helped him get rid of his phantom flushing problem.


However, a minority of buyers who used the Toilet Flush Kit by Kohler said that the sensors didn’t work for them properly. One user even shared his unfortunate experience where he had to change the batteries of the Touchless Flush Kit very soon after use.

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  • Streamlined design for cleaner toilet
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with batteries


  • Not compatible with dual-flush, top-mound flush, ballcock valve or pressure-assist toilets



Ease of Use

The hands-free, automatic Santeen Sanitary Flush helps reduce cross-contamination in the bathroom. It can be easily installed in a few minutes without the help of a professional plumber. Users love it for being able to be mounted on the wall above the toilet tank with screws or special adhesive tape.


However, keep in mind that it lacks a time delay. The Santeen Hands-free Flush is a good product to have in the bathroom in order to keep the toilet clean.


Users of the Automatic Santeen Touchless Flush have praised it for being quick to install. However, one user of the Touchless Flush said that it doesn’t work well with toilet trained cat because the sensor is unable to detect properly in such cases.


If the sensor isn’t placed right it can flush while the cat is still using the toilet. The user of the Automatic Hand-free Santaeen Flush also said that it lacked a time delay and he would’ve preferred it featuring even a five-second delay.


  • It is very easy to install without having to disconnect the toilet
  • Has a water saving dual flush action


  • Toilet trained cats might not like it
  • Doesn’t have a time delay capability



Ease of Use

The FlushMinder dual flush toilet system features fully programmable flush quality settings. It is also ideal for kids, the elderly and even cats.

It also has an improved flush motor and a neutral color to help it blend with the overall look of the bathroom. Users like its water saving ability and quick installation.

Take note that its installation is dependent on the configuration of the bathroom. The DIY Complete Kit Automatic Dual-Flush System is a wonderful addition to the bathroom in order to make it more sanitary.

Users of the FlushMinder Dual-Flush have shared their opinions regarding how easy and quick to install the product is, reporting that they didn’t have to hire a plumber. A user of the Dual-Flush System opted to buy it because he had cats and wanted to ensure the toilet remained clean. One user of the Autoflush kit said that it didn’t work properly for him and adjusting flush time was confusing.


  • Easy to install
  • Programmable flush timings
  • Can be used for pets4.Saves water


  • Installation is dependent on bathroom space

Final Thoughts

Generally these touchless toilet flush kits work with a wave sensor.

The microwave controlled sensor will be able to detect the bathroom users proximity and when the user leaves the sensor's range it will then flush.

Installation is pretty easy- you just need to install it inside of the toilet tank, ensure that the sensor box is connected with your toilet tanks flush valve, and then whenever you wave your hands over the sensor's detection area, the system will pill the chain and then flush the toilet- it really just replaces the physical action of the handle lifting the flush valve.

Touchless toilet flush kits are pretty ingenious inventions.

The sensors are pretty robust, installation is pretty basic, and the batteries in general last for a pretty long time. It will help make your bathroom experience much more sanitary by minimizing the spread of germs. Because, really, how many people are washing their hands in the bathroom, or in general-you don't want to be exposed to all of that contamination on a day-to-day basis if you can avoid it.

Some users have even written that it is great dinner conversation when guests come over. It's funny to instruct friends and family about their new touchless toilets and hear their rave reviews after having used it.

Another benefit is that children or spouses that we forget to flush the toilet are effectively covered for by these automatic toilet flush kits that do the flushing for you.

This can potentially reduce marital and family discord. Generally these touchless automatic toilet flushing kits will ship with a controller, bracket, chain and clip, battery box, some screws, batteries as well as pads.

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