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The 5 Best Automatic Fuel Nozzles [Ranked]

Automatic Fuel Nozzles

Automatic fuel nozzles are ideal for particularly extreme refueling environments including for industry fleets, agricultural applications, construction sites, as well as for common gas service station use.

The Apache Automatic Shut-off Fuel Nozzle is our top pick- It features a three-quarter inch female pipe thread connection with a 13/16" spout.

It is intended to be used with 15% ethanol, gasoline blends, diesel fuel, regular gasoline as well as methanol blends.

The handle clip has a hold-open feature that makes it easy to quickly fill gasoline tanks and the vinyl handle covering helps keep vehicles from getting nicked and scratched.

It's important to note that this particular automatic fuel nozzle is engineered for fuel pump driven systems that have a minimum of 15 psi as well as a maximum of 43 psi.

Let's take a look at 5 of the best-selling automatic shut-off fuel nozzles on the market today and see how they compare!


 Comparing The Options

Troubleshooting Tips

The 5 Best Auto Fuel Nozzles



Ease of Use

The ¾-inch Apache auto-shutoff fuel nozzle is a nice option that pumps out fuel at 15 psi, but also note that it is not compatible with manual or mechanical pump systems.


Some product specifications include a low profile aluminium body, hold-open handle clip and full hand insulator. This full hand insulator is a safe option if you are looking for a fuel nozzle that protects vehicles from cuts and scratches.


What users like about the this Apache nozzle is the size of the inlet. It is a standard size that fits most fuel hoses so they won’t find it hard to attach and detach the hose from the nozzle. It is compatible for use with diesel fuel, gasoline, methanol, 15% ethanol and other gasoline blends.


The handle grip makes refilling tanks quickly and easily. The Apache nozzle is well built and has a high quality construction to it. However, the flow rate is slow and some parts are very prone to wearing out. The Apache Auto Shut-Off Fuel Nozzle might be a great device when used with electric pumps, but will perform poorly or not at all on gravity-powered pump systems.



Ease of Use

The ¾-inch, Fill-Rite fuel nozzle is a high-priced option that runs at a maximum of 50 psi working pressure. Its users recommend that it is great at pump systems that use gravity, but also note that it is hard to find a hose for its size.

Some product specifications include Super-Tuff nylon levers (glass filled) & hand guards, automatic shut-off, Viton seals (heat and chemical resistant), and it has a minimum temperature rating of -20 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature rating is a good option if you are looking for a fuel nozzle that works even in winter.


Buyers praise this device because it is one of the few fuel nozzles that is made in the USA. It can also work with manual pump systems but it has a minimum specific psi requirement.


Users of the Fill-Rite Automatic Fuel Nozzle are satisfied because it is effectively leak-resistant and made of quality materials. There is a hook at the top to allow easy storage of this Fill-Rite Automatic Nozzle.


However, other users complain that their nozzle only works for diesel fuels and the nozzle doesn’t fit universally. Overall, it is a fine product that works without false stops but it is a bit more expensive than some users preferred.



Ease of Use

The 3.05 lb, ¾ inlet Husky fuel nozzle is a quality product option that has a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute at max.

Its users think that it is great for minimizing spillage, but also note that it is only for unleaded fuel. Some product features include the nozzle with die cast aluminum and a reinforced spout that prevents tip sensor damage (it also acts as a fastener), three notch clips, waffle splash guard, and Flo-Stop TM device for automatic shut-off.

This Flo-Stop nozzle is an efficient option if you are looking for an affordable, spill-proof Nozzle.

Users point out that the stream shaper that minimizes turbulence and straightens the flow of fuel is a nifty technology for decreasing spillage. It satisfactorily shuts off on its own, which users definitely liked. Others say that it is a great alternative to high-end nozzles. The handle of the Husky 159404N-04 is also comfortable and it has insulating properties to protect the handler from hot fuels.

One user dislikes that it didn’t come with a hook, so storing it was a bit of a hassle. Overall, it is a solid option for unleaded gasoline that is backed by a one-year warranty.



Ease of Use

The 1-inch Apache  Fuel Nozzle is an effective option that has an automatic shut-off for diesel nozzle. Its users like its fully insulated handle, but also note that some units are reported to leak.

Product features include a low profile aluminum casing, green cover with a vinyl finish, hold-open handle clip, full hand insulator, and a nozzle guard to protect vehicles from nicks and scratches. This nozzle guard is a great option if you are looking for a safe and cost-effective fuel nozzle.


This Apache fuel nozzle runs at a minimum of 15 psi to 43 psi at max. It is not recommended for use with pump flow systems that utilize gravity and hand cranking. Users feel that is easy to set up and generally causes no spillage.


A user even repurchased another Apache Fuel Nozzle. However, others comment that the auto shut feature doesn’t work sometimes and is undependable. It is also reported to have a very slow pumping rate compared to other auto fuel nozzles. Some also complained that their units did not last the year. In conclusion, it is a heavy-duty, high-volume nozzle, though in some cases it may leak.



Ease of Use

The 2.5-pound 9milelake Automatic Fuel Nozzle is a last resort option that has a flow rate of 0-60 liters per minute. Some product features include an aluminum nozzle, plastic-coated hand lever, 1-1/4-inch adapter, and auto fuel nozzle.

This auto fuel nozzle is a standard option if you are looking for a budget-friendly fuel nozzle.

The 9milelake Automatic Fuel Nozzle has met with some critical reviews, although it’s possible that it could be an effective option for you since many people don’t conduct due diligence prior to purchasing. 

The product specifies that it is compatible with diesel, leaded and kerosene fuel (even biodiesel) but by user experience, the nozzle is too big for standard vehicles. 

How do They Work

Automatic fuel nozzles typically attach to fuel dispensers, which are usually situated in filling stations that pump diesel, petrol, gasoline, ethanol fuel and different types of biofuels that can include kerosene bio-diesel into automobiles. In Australia fuel dispensers are called bowsers, they are also known as patrol pumps in places like England, or gas pumps in the United States of America.

Modern fuel dispensers that automatic fuel nozzles attach to are generally subdivided into two distinct parts- one is an embedded computer that will manage the pump's action and then the mechanical section that includes the pumping unit, electric motor, meters and valves that help to actually pump out and control the flow of fuel.

Sometimes, in the cases of submersible pumps, the actual pump itself is immersed inside of the gas stations' fuel tanks. The automatic fuel nozzles are generally attached to these dispensing units by types of flexible hoses that enable customers and service professionals to connect them to the gas tanks of the vehicle. It's crucial that these automatic fuel nozzles and the hoses they connect to are constructed of robust materials that can withstand a lot of use and abuse over a prolonged period of time.

For example, the hoses themselves should be able to withstand cars and trucks running over them, and the automatic fuel nozzles should be resistant to drops, and even cars driving off with the nozzle still attached to the automobile's filling inlet.

Generally, the fuel nozzles will be color-coded in order to indicate to users the sort of fuel that they are dispensing- though it should be noted that different countries and service stations use different colors to indicate the type of fuel that a particular nozzle is dispensing. In some cases the nozzles are actually specially sized to prevent users from accidentally filling a vehicle with a fuel that is incompatible for it.

For example, nozzles used for diesel fuel are generally different sizes than nozzles for cars that take unleaded regular gasoline- this prevents damaging mismatches from occurring during the fueling process. If you are in the market for an automatic fuel nozzle, check out our comparison table above, and reference the individual reviews on this page to get a sense of what the best options are on the market today.

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