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The 5 Best ENail Kits For Home Use [Ranked]

Enail Kits For Home Use

An ENail is a gadget that is generally used to vaporize medicinal cannabis extracts. As the medical marijuana industry booms with states considering its legalization, extracts are becoming a popular means of supplying strong dosages of cannabis without the negative effects of carcinogens associated with smoking marijuana. To effectively vaporize these cannabis extracts, you will need to […]

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The 5 Best Commercial Automatic Hand Driers for Restaurants

Commercial Automatic Hand Driers For Restaurants

 According to the Houston Chronicle, business owners save $36 per month replacing paper towels with automatic dryers.  That’s a crazy stat. Are you sick of wasting money purchasing tons of paper towels? Tired of cleaning up disgusting, soiled hand towels in your restaurant bathroom?Even worse, are your (idiot) customers flushing hand towels down the toilet […]

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The 5 Best Pin Nailer Guns [Ranked]

Pin Nailers

Pin nailers are handy tools for both DIY hobbyists and woodworking professionals. Pin nailers nowadays are more affordable and high-quality than ever.  They are capable of driving very thin slight head or headless brads on delicate moldings without leaving a single trace. Whether it is for your kitchen cabinet, exotic furniture, or any other home remodeling project, these […]

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The 5 Best Automatic Watch Winders [Ranked]

Automatic Watch Winders

My father owns a Steve McQueen Rolex Watch.  He’s worn it every day for 30 or more years. He bought it in Italy for a couple hundred dollars. Eventually that watch will be mine. The problem is that I’m one of those new-fangled Millenials that uses his iPhone for everything. I don’t wear a watch. When that […]

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The 5 Best Automatic Stock Waterers [Ranked]

Automatic Stock Waterers

Automatic stock waterers are easy-to-install watering solutions for all manner of livestock. Whether you are hydrating horses or your rambunctious German Shepherds that require a rugged steel waterer, one of the 5 best-selling options we review below will certainly fit the bill. Two holes on the back side of the waterer will allow it to be mounted […]

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The 5 Best Fume Extractors [Ranked]

Fume Extractors

If you’ve been soldering for any time at all, it’s likely you’ve wondered whether breathing in all of that noxious smoke was bad for you. I mean, how could it be good? You might have been skating by for too long sitting next to an open window, with a cheap CVS fan on a low setting, […]

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The 5 Best Portable & Handheld Oscilloscopes [Ranked]

Portable Handheld Oscilloscopes

In contrast to traditional oscilloscopes, portable & handheld oscilloscopes are equipped with built-in batteries (Source). This means that they can work without an external power supply, making them convenient for field applications. Many users describe using these handheld scopes in conjunction with more robust benchtop oscilloscope. Though it should be noted that many of these pocket-sized oscilloscopes cram a […]

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