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The 5 Coolest Anime Mousepads [Ranked]

If you want wrist support while you game but also the warm embrace of a silicone-enhanced, anime girlfriend look no further. 

We assembled a list of the most popular anime mousepads. While funny gag gifts, the silicone wrist support is nothing to sneeze at.


Buyer Feedback

Examining buyer feedback- many gamers have praised the wrist-support quality. Which is crucial if you want to avoid a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel. 

Besides the enhanced anime waifus- there are funny cat versions and even a snarky Deadpool version.

So if you're purchasing one as a gag gift, or because your wrist hurts when you play Overwatch, rest assured the top-rated options are a fit either way.

Comparing Them

SaleBestseller No. 1
Litaymo 3D Anime Mouse Pads with Silicone Gel Wrist Rest Gaming Mousepads (SS)
  • 【SIZE AND PATTERNS】Anime Mouse Pads designed with an optimal shape, is 10.2*8.5*0.2 (inches), the height of the wrist cushion is 1.2 inches, high-definition animation pattern 3D printing.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Anime LED Mouse Pad Extended Large RGB Gaming Mousepad Desk Mat for PC Laptop 31.5×11.8 inches
1,069 Reviews
Anime LED Mouse Pad Extended Large RGB Gaming Mousepad Desk Mat for PC Laptop 31.5×11.8 inches
  • 【14 RGB LIGHT MODES】LED gaming mouse pad features 9 static light modes and 4 dynamic modes,1 lights off modes, This LED Mouse Pad can create a cool gaming atmosphere through Choosing the color mode.
Bestseller No. 3
Watercolor Japanese Cherry Blossom Mouse Pad 31.5 X 11.8 Inch Japanese Pagoda Sakura White Anime Gaming Mousepad Non-Slip Rubber Base Stitched Edges Keyboard Mouse Mat Desk Pad for Office Home Game
108 Reviews
Watercolor Japanese Cherry Blossom Mouse Pad 31.5 X 11.8 Inch Japanese Pagoda Sakura White Anime Gaming Mousepad Non-Slip Rubber Base Stitched Edges Keyboard Mouse Mat Desk Pad for Office Home Game
  • ♥[Extended Mouse Pad Size]:The extended japanese cherry blossom desk pad measures 31.5x11.8x0.12 inches that covers most of the desk. Offers a wide area to have your laptop, mouse and keyboard. You can freely move your mouse without any interruption and don't have to continually adjust the mat as you do with traditional mousepads.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Gaming Mouse Pad Anime Character Mouse Pad for Computer - Anime Gaming Large Mouse Pad Non Slip Rubber Mat for Computers, Desktop PC Laptop Office Big Mouse Pad
33 Reviews
Gaming Mouse Pad Anime Character Mouse Pad for Computer - Anime Gaming Large Mouse Pad Non Slip Rubber Mat for Computers, Desktop PC Laptop Office Big Mouse Pad
  • 💻【UNIQUE DESIGN】The Excellent anime scenes and pictures Is Perfectly Displayed On This Desk Pad/Mat, Which Not Only Enhances The Beauty Of The Game But Also Makes Your Friends Jealous. For Loyal Fans Of anime, This Is A Perfect Holiday Gift.

Understanding Gaming Mouse Position And Wrist Pain

What are Mousepad buyers saying?

  •  We took a look at buyer feedback for a three-dimensional mouse pad with integrated wrist support. It features a rather buxom Asian girl with gamer headphones making a funny gesture.
  • One buyer had a somewhat negative experience- he said that the mouse pad lasted several months of Overwatch gaming before the wrist padding gel began leaking out. 
  • Another buyer said that it was a funny gag gift- but it has unexpectedly stood the test of time, outperforming more expensive anime mouse pads.
  • Another buyer said that it was the least creepy mouse pad they could find among a bevy of buxom, slightly sexualized options. 
  • A lot of gamers say that it provides solid wrist support while being an amusing distraction and conversation piece in their computer rooms.
  • A second option we looked at was a cartoon silicone wrist rest and mouse pad with a fun cast of female characters displayed on the fabric. 
  • One buyer endorsed it as an excellent option- the silicone wrist rest is the ideal size, keeping your wrist held in an optimal position to prevent repetitive stress injuries.
  • One buyer does say that if yours arrives wrinkled during shipping, it might not ever smooth out. Your best bet is to return it posthaste and get a new one to prevent ending up with a permanently wrinkled mouse pad.

All you need to know about anime

Undoubtedly, the history behind the development of the animated industry has its origins several centuries ago. In this article, we will discover some of the most important and influential events in the development of Japanese animation. Starting with a general definition of the word anime- one could describe it as 'animation from Japan' that is characterized by fantastic themes, vivid colors and engaging graphics.

General info

The philosophy behind the production of an animated film, for example, is quite complicated. Animation is a type of art that combines several innovative techniques that has developed over time in coordination with technological advancements.

It consists of many different imaginative characters, impressive camera effects, fictional graphics as well as other forms of stylistic methods.

Although animation really originated in Japan- it has gained  admiration internationally and this has led to a worldwide use of anime techniques.

History of animated films

It is not known exactly when the production of cartoons started in Japan. There is evidence, however, that one of the oldest surviving pieces goes back to the early 1900s. There is definite evidence that some of the oldest films with the theme of animation in Japan dates back to 1917 by Oten Shimokawa and Seitaro Kitayama. Unfortunately, the release of these kinds of films especially during World War II promoted political purposes. 

After the defeat of Japan, however, the cartoon industry took on a new route that started having a major impact on the West, too. Japanese animators were then influenced by other countries. For example, the huge success of the film ''Snow White and the seven Dwarfs'' by Walt Disney led Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka to use of the Walt Disney's techniques in his manga movies. The first television anime in Japan was released in 1963 by Fuji TV. It became instantly a huge success.

The 1970s presented itself with a big arising of manga novels and books, most of which were animated afterwards. Osamu Tezuka played an important role in developing the robot genre of the animated industry, a genre which became a must in the late 1980s. 

Generally, the 1980s can be described as the golden age for animated films. Many technological innovations were introduced in the production of these films and new genres made their appearance. In spite of the fact that the quantity of TV animated shows slowly recouped after the fall of the economy in 1992 and the financial catastrophes of the 1990s, the industry overall has never fully recovered to its brilliant years. In the western world, anime is not viewed as a Japanese based series alone, but as a form of art, too.

How the production has changed

The very first films that were made on the theme of animation have nothing to do with the ones released nowadays. The films were generally very short, in most cases up to 5-6 minutes with the colors primarily black and white. And the characters did not have very many different personalities. The genres, however, and the basic story-lines have many similarities with the present.

Major genres

Although there are actually a lot of anime genres, the most commonly known are mentioned below. Action, adventure, drama, fantasy, comedy, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and supernatural or magic are the most important genres. There are also many subgenres like martial arts, hentai, police, school etc.

Most beloved series

With regards to anime, each fan has his preference. Much the same as with music or theater, there are a few classes which click with you while others don't. Over in Japan, research was done in 2017 to determine the best animation characters. Among the first choices of the fans are the well known ''Kemono Friends'', ''KonoSuba'', ''Made in Abyss'' and ''Girls' last tour''.


There is a wide variety of characters in animation movies, however, the most commonly recognized ones have large eyes, colorful hair and very small nose and mouth. Different personas have very different personalities. Some of them are shy, others are energetic or willful and others are kind and generous. All these different personalities of cartoon characters justify the fact that people tend to identify with most of them.

Influence of anime in Japan

Japanese culture can be seen in numerous anime TV appearances. Real secondary schools are similar to the ones shown, in actuality, and characters regularly eat with chopsticks and remain in traditional motels. There are shops like the famous restaurant Coco Ichibanya which have created their own animation characters in order to promote the meals of their children. Many video games have been inspired by anime characters like the well known Pokemon series. 

Influence in the Western world

Anime has turned out to be an outstanding cultural ambassador. They recount stories in a style that can be watched by people of all ages and nations as opposed to comics that are basically targeted towards children. Western nations have additionally created movies utilizing that specific style that is seen in traditional Japanese animated films. One of the most famous attempts is the Avatar.


The money the cartoon companies acquire each year has been increased a lot throughout the last few years. In 2016, the total amount reached some trillion of yen, breaking everyone's expectations. The increasing number of people watching animation movies and reading manga and similar books has to do a lot with this huge success of the Japanese industry

Final thoughts

So much has occurred in only 99 years. It's difficult to know where we'll be in one more century, yet by taking a look at the past we can make some great prognostications.

Studios will rise, others will fall. Budgets will increase or get lower, and animators from all over the world will advance with the more technological innovations, recounting interesting stories of heroes and heroines to people of all ages around the world. 

And since these stories have their roots deep in the history of animation, they will definitely continue to attract more fans as the years pass by.

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