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The 5 Best Adult Training Wheel Kits [Ranked]

If you are looking for a high-quality pair of adult training wheels, you've come to the right place.

A pair of training wheels will keep you secure as you learn to ride, or perhaps maintain your stability if you suffer from balance or coordination issues.

The most common use case for these adult training wheel sets are adults who never learned to ride a bicycle and need some extra security as they become more familiar with the balance required to bicycle.

If you aren't incredibly handy, it might make sense to get the training wheels installed by a bike-repair professional and spare yourself the hassle.

There are several high-quality adult training wheel sets on the market- lets take a look at them and see how they compare.


Comparing The Options For 2024

SaleBestseller No. 2
MOSHAY Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Adult Bicycle Bike Stabilizers Training Wheels Fits 24" to 29" - (blue-2) (24-29)
  • Suitable for most bicycles: The fully adjustable bracket fits almost all frames and shapes. Adjustable angle adult bicycle training wheels are suitable for 24-29 inches (approximately 61-73.7 centimeters), including 700 degree Celsius bicycles.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Adult Heavy-Duty Adjustable Training Wheels for 24-29 Inch Bicycles - Perfect for Safe Learning and Smooth Rides!
  • Variable-length training wheels: These training wheels are adjustable to fit bicycle sizes from 20” to 26”.
SaleBestseller No. 4
CyclingDeal Adjustable Adult Bicycle Bike Stabilizers Training Wheels Fits 24" to 29" - Quality Heavy Duty
  • FITS MOST BIKES: Fully adjustable brackets fit nearly all the frames and shapes. Adjustable angle adult bicycle training wheels fit 24"-29" including 700c bikes. Please check the instruction video in the listing for more details.

Video Overview: The Bike USA Training Wheels 

One reviewer we spoke with said that their child has some developmental disabilities and that these wheels helped her to learn to ride a two-wheeler independently.

As she grew into requiring a larger bicycle, these adult wheels were needed to help with balance and coordination/motor issues.

These wheels enabled their daughter to ride with them on family bicycling outings. It lets her concentrate on speed and steering, without having to worry about falling.

It did take about an hour to get them securely attached and properly mounted to the bicycle.

What Are Adult Riders Saying? 

We scoured a bunch of ecommerce sites to aggregate common buying tips about these training wheel kits:

  • One woman who had tried to learn to ride a bicycle without a training wheel set installed had fallen several times and was too traumatized to continue learning until she purchased herself the Wald training wheel kit.
  • One woman who had undergone brain surgery and now suffers from balance and coordination issues purchased a Wald training wheel kit and was happy with her newfound ability to ride her old bicycle.
  • One woman who purchased the adjustable adult bicycle bike training wheel kit was in her 50s, had never ridden a bicycle before, was so incredibly happy to finally conquer bicycle riding.
  • One of the most common benefits users reported is increased enjoyment of the outdoors as well as family activities now that they're able to participate in bicycle trips.
  • Typically the bicycle training kits fit standard bicycle frames ranging from between 24 to 27 inches. Installation can sometimes be a bit tricky- which is why users sometimes resorted to visiting their local bike repair shops to have the units installed for them.
  • If you are unsure whether the bicycle training wheel kit will fit your bike-perhaps you should just purchase the unit online, see if it works, and return it if it doesn't.
  • Honestly this might be the best way to ensure that eventually you end up selecting a kit that works for you.
  • Make sure to check the weight capacity of the training wheel sets that you're interested in purchasing- a good idea to pick one that can support upwards of 200 pounds of weight.
  • Most of the training wheels, once they are installed, will still enable you to fit through the standard doorway, which is convenient because many people keep their bikes indoors.

What are training wheels?

Training wheels are designed to provide balanced support for beginning bicycle riders or for people suffering from balance issues that need the extra stability and security. Oftentimes, they are most frequently used when a child is learning to transition from something like a tricycle or scooter to a two-wheeled bicycle.

Generally training wheels are affixed to the center of the back wheels' hub, most frequently by having them bolted to the frame of the bicycle. Adult training wheels are great way to reintroducing adults to the world of bicycling after surgery or some other debilitating disease that has permanently or temporarily altered their ability to balance on a bicycle.

For people with medical issues or other balance impairments adult training bicycle sets can be an excellent way of ensuring that they don't fall off while riding. You can use a bike repair stand to fit these training wheels on.

Final thoughts

If you are interested in purchasing an adult bicycle training we'll set make sure you do your research, watch some video reviews and be sure that you can return the item if it doesn't actually fit the bicycle that you will be installing it.

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