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The 5 Best Pink 3-Piece Luggage Sets Reviewed

Pink three-piece luggage sets are cute and highly identifiable- making them easy to spot in baggage carousels (Source). 

If you're in the market for a new luggage set, and want one in pink, you'll first want to decide between a pink hard-shell set and a pink soft luggage set

In general, soft bags are easier to cram into overhead compartments, and are equipped to absorb shock better than plastic-molded suitcase sets (Source).

Hard-sided luggage sets are renown for being more lightweight, which helps meet flight weight requirements for checked luggage. As well, hard-sided bags are better able to protect the fragile items inside than soft bags- and are also much simpler to clean with a good wipe-down (Source).


Video: Choosing Hard Or Soft-Case Luggage?

Both luggage sets can break- with hard-sided pink suitcase sets sometimes suffering from splintered plastic, while cheap, soft pink-luggage sets susceptible to tearing and ugly staining (Source).

One of our favorites (of a variety of junky) 3-piece, pink luggage sets is the hard-shell, telescoping Traveler's Choice set.

The 3 pieces respectively measure:

  • 29 in. H x 21 in. W x 11 in. D - 9.95 lbs, (hard-shell spinner);
  • 25 in. H x 17.5 in. W x 9.5 in. D – 8.30 lbs, (hard-shell spinner);
  • 21 in. H x 15 in. W x 8.5 in. D – 6.25 lbs, (hard shell in-line skate carry-on).

Comparing The Options

The Best 3-Piece Pink Luggage Sets For 2024



Ease of Use

This pink luggage set offered by Rockland is elegant, stylish, well-made, and an excellent choice for the ladies. Users love that the suitcases are expandable, but some do note that the bags smell horrible.


The Melbourne travel set is made of ABS, and it consists of three pieces: small (20” x 13” x 9”), medium (24” x 15” x 10”), and large (28” x 17” x 12”). It features multi-directional spinner wheels that rotate up to 360 degrees, an internal telescoping, push-button handle, an interior mesh, a zip pocket, and an elastic pocket.


A reviewer mentions that the pink suitcases are easy to move around and that they are spacious, sturdy, and you can spot them from afar. But she warns that you should leave the bags to air out to get rid of the smell.


Another customer says that she used the suitcases on two long trips with no issues or complaints and that the pink color is very attractive and noticeable. A user also states that the luggage set held up pretty well during loading and unloading and that the wheels roll smoothly. She highly recommends it as the best 3-piece pink luggage set available.


However, some customers have complained that the suitcases are not as durable as they expected and that they didn’t last more than a few trips. Some users also note that the zipper broke quickly.


Not the most rugged option, this latch-less, creamy-pink 3-piece luggage set uses zippers to open and close (some buyers supplement with adjustable luggage straps).


It is extremely lightweight- making it a cinch to travel with, but not the best option for international, or more arduous, airline travels.


The bags interiors are quite spacious- and the ‘coolness’ factor of this hot-pink 3-piece cannot be overstated. Some of the suitcases in the table below aren’t displaying as pink- but there are pink options available if you click through to the product page.

Rockland Melbourne Video Review


  • Elegant
  • Stylish
  • Bright color
  • Well-made
  • Expandable
  • Spinner wheels
  • A telescoping handle
  • An interior mesh
  • Pockets


  • Cheap zipper
  • Smells, quality complaints



Ease of Use

This 3-piece pink luggage set offered by Von Haus is multi-functional, practical, and handy for long travels. Users love the locking feature, but some do note that it’s overpriced.


The Von Haus pink set features a lightweight ABS construction, a telescoping handle, side and top handles, four 360-degree rotating wheels, a zipper with a combination lock, and zip loops for TSA approved padlocks. The set consists of 3 pieces – small (13” x 8.1” x 21.7”), medium (18.2” x 10.3” x 26.4”), large (20.9” x 12.1” x 30.4”), and it’s available in several colors besides pink.


A customer says that the suitcases are well-designed and that it’s very easy to roll them around. She adds that size is perfect and that there is enough space for her stuff. Another reviewer mentions that the wheels roll nicely on hard surfaces and that you can store the Von Haus suitcases easily just like nesting dolls.


A user adds that the luggage set is light but durable and that it’s holding remarkably well even after several trips. She recommends it to anyone looking for an elegant luggage set. However, some customers have complained that it’s difficult to lock the suitcases and that they had problems unlocking them afterward. Some users also state that the set is unstable and not durable and that it couldn’t survive even one trip.

Von Haus Video Review


  • Handy
  • Practical
  • Light
  • A telescoping handle
  • Side and top handles
  • Spinner wheels
  • Combination lock
  • Zippers


  • Difficult to lock
  • Wobbles slightly
  • Quality complaints



Ease of Use

If you need a new durable luggage set, you might take a look at this 3-piece hard shell pink suitcase set offered by Travelers Choice. Users love the price, but some do note that they have issues with the wheels. This 3-piece luggage set consists of one carry-on case (21” x 15” x 8.5”), a medium case (25” x 17.5” x 9.5”), a large case (29” x 21” x 11”), and it’s made of lightweight, polycarbonate ABS, and hard-shell material.


The pink set features a self-locking, retractable telescoping handle, top and side handles, an interior zipped compartment, interior straps, and a detachable quick clip. The large and the medium suitcases have spinning wheels, while the small case has in-line skate wheels.


A buyer comments that the Travelers hard-shell luggage set lasted far longer than she expected and that the suitcases are roomy, light, and you can drag them along easily.


Another reviewer mentions that she has used the suitcases numerous times and that she didn’t have any issues besides the hook attachment that broke. She adds that the color matches the provided picture and that wheels spin nicely and smoothly. A user also says that you can fit one week of clothes in the small bag and that the package contains a free lock.


However, some customers have complained that the pink luggage set is not really hard-shelled and that the wheels are of very poor quality. Some purchasers also note that the handles broke and that the suitcases got damaged after one or two trips.


  • Durable
  • Light
  • Handy
  • Easy to rolls
  • A self-locking handle
  • Zipped compartments
  • Interior straps
  • Spinner wheels
  • Skate wheels
  • Hook attachment


  • Cheap wheels
  • Handle issues
  • Quality complaints



Ease of Use

This pink travel set offered by Super buy is well-designed, elegant, cheap, and a perfect gift for any women. Users love the price and the bright color, but some do note that it’s not as durable as they expected. 


This 3-piece luggage set consists of a small case (20”), a medium case (24”), a large case (28”) and it’s made of lightweight ABS and PC hard-shell material. It features a firm coded lock, a main compartment with high capacity, metal telescoping handle, zipped pockets, and multi-directional wheels for easy transport. The suitcases are resistant to dirt, and it’s easy to clean them with a rag.


In general, users are very satisfied with the functionality, performance, and design of the Goplus 3-piece luggage set. A reviewer shares that the pink color is perfect and that she has been using the bags regularly without complaints. She adds that the package arrived well packed and that the suitcases fit into each other very easily.


Another customer mentions that she was skeptical about the quality of the set due to the low price, but it turned out to be sturdy, reliable, and easy to roll.  A buyer also comments that the large suitcase is very roomy and that she didn’t even need to use the other bags. She highly recommends it. However, some customers have complained that they had issues with the zipper and the lock and that the suitcases cracked after one or two trips. 


  • Well-designed
  • Cheap
  • Cute color
  • Light
  • A coded lock
  • Spinner wheels
  • Easy to clean


  • Zipper issues
  • Quality complaints



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a stylish pink suitcase, you might consider this 5-piece travel suitcase set offered by American Flyer. Users love the cute pink design, but some do note that it’s overpriced. The Firework 5-piece set consists of two upright suitcases – (18” x 13” x 28”, 16” x 11” x 24”), a carry-on upright bag (14” x 10” x 20” inches), a carry-on wheeled duffel, and a personal bag (18” x 8.5” x 12”).


The set features a fully lined interior, nylon zippers, roomy exterior pockets, an interior zippered pocket, shoe pockets, telescoping handles, top and side handles, and spinner wheels.


A buyer says that she has this pink luggage set for almost two years and that she doesn’t have any trouble recognizing her bags at the airport. She adds that the smallest bag is perfect for short trips and that the rolling duffel is flexible and easy to maneuver.


Another happy user mentions that the travel bags held remarkably well during a long journey to and from Korea and that she has received many compliments due to the stylish design. A purchaser also shares that the color matches the provided picture and that she highly recommends it as the most elegant pink luggage set.


However, some customers have complained that the bag set is flimsy and poorly designed. Some users also note that the wheels don’t roll smoothly and that the bags fell apart very quickly.


  • Stylish
  • Cute
  • Five bags
  • A fully-lined interior
  • Zipped pockets
  • Shoe pockets
  • A telescoping handle
  • Top and side handles
  • Spinner wheels


  • Flimsy
  • Wheel issues
  • Overpriced
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What Are Buyers Saying?

The first hot-pink, three piece luggage set we looked at is the Rockland Melbourne fuchsia-colored, hard-case luggage. It is advertised as ergonomic and rugged option with a telescoping handle, interior mesh pockets, and wheels that spin in multiple directions.

  • Buyers often purchase luggage straps in conjunction with these pink suitcase sets, helping to keep them secure from theft during your travel as well as weakened lid latches on the pink travel bags.
  • Conveniently, when you need to store them, you can place them one inside the other so that they take up less space.
  • The smallest travel bag can fit in the overhead, buyers say.
  • These inexpensive, budget-priced pink suitcase sets do receive some criticism, with buyers saying that they often broke down, that they have a toxic smell to them, that the warranty is insufficient, and that the telescoping handle feels flimsy and is prone to breaking, and that the plastic shell should be thicker than it is.

The second three-piece, hot-pink luggage set we examined is manufactured by Von Haus- it features a built-in lock, a telescoping handle, and 360° rotating caster wheels. It's important to note that the manufacturer has clarified that its built-in locks are not TSA approved- though you can use in- built loops to utilize a TSA-approved padlock.

  • Another buyer who is a frequent world traveler was looking for a colorful option for his three-piece luggage- saying that he looked at rose-colored and salmon-colored travel bags before settling on this fuchsia-pink set.
  • In terms of the three pieces, the smallest measures 13" x 8.1" x 21.7", the medium measures 18.2 x 10.3 x 26.4" and the large measures 20.9" x 12.1" x 30.4".
  • Another buyer purchased the set because he was looking for a lightweight three-piece pink luggage collection that would be robust for extended airline travel but lightweight enough to be transported around the world.

The third option we examined is manufactured by Travelers Choice- besides making a pink-colored three-piece hard-shell luggage set, which they advertise as a dusty rose color, other color options include an arctic blue and an apple green.

It's built from and ABS material- ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is a type of thermal plastic that is considered lighter weight than polycarbonate, but generally not as rugged.

Many luggage manufacturers use it to produce more inexpensive hard-sided luggage sets. The three luggage pieces do feature hard shells with in-line skate wheels designed to be quiet, smoothly rolling backpack.

  • One buyer purchased them had been in the market for a candy pink three-piece suitcase set, but was mildly surprised at how dark a shade of pink this option really was.
  • In addition, this buyer does say that they have been pretty durable and adorable- having survived multiple trans-Atlantic flights where they have been exposed to inclement weather, dropped from heights, dragged by uncaring baggage handlers and tossed around like an old football.
  • Another buyer that fell in love with the pink shade says that the set only employs zippers, that it is not a true hard-shell, though each bag is surprisingly roomy if you need to pack a lot of clothing and accessories into them.
  • A great set for women who frequently like lighter-shaded suitcase sets, many parents purchased them for their daughters going off to college for the first time- saying that the extra pockets make it easy to organize smaller beauty accessories, keeping them segmented from other items inside.

The fourth suitcase set we examined was the go Plus 3-piece, pink-camo baggage set. It is advertised as a dirt-resistant option constructed from ABS hard shell with a push-button telescoping handle.

  • In general, frequent fliers have observed that the material is a little bit flimsy, with one reviewer who lugged them along on an Arctic cruise ship tour saying that the plastic build was prone to splitting and cracking.
  • However, in general, reviewers in search of a cheap, pink, hard-cased suitcase set found them to be a relatively solid option for their traveling needs.

The last pink baggage option is manufactured by American Flyer- it actually includes five pieces, not three, and is manufactured from polyester with locking retractable handles as well as bottom and side carrying handles. American Flyer produced this range of baggage, saying that its upright, carry-on wheeled duffel, personal bag luggage includes a firework-style fuchsia pink coloration for maximum visibility.

  • Reviewers have provided mixed feedback- with some saying that their cute-pink, camouflage suitcases arrived damaged, or that the seams were prone to busting- in general, quality concern issues make this an unreliable option.
  • However, another frequent flyer told us that it has worked well for them- the bright pink color makes it super easy to recognize at baggage claims in foreign airports when time is of the essence and feelings of jetlag typically reduce the discoverability of baggage coming down the carousel.
  • Indeed, buyers purchased this cute pink luggage more often for easier domestic travel, even road trips, as opposed to taking on international flights, mainly because it is not as rugged as other solidly built ABS options.
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