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The 5 Best Bed Rope Ladders For 2017


Bed ladder straps (or bed rope ladders) are looped around the frame or leg of a bed and help debilitated individuals rise up to sitting positions, or safely lower themselves prone in their beds, without the use of their hips or legs (Source). They are also useful for re-positioning their sleeping postures from one side […]

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The 5 Best Fall Mats For 2017


Bedside fall mats are positioned besides bed to cushion accidental falls. They are used in common residences, nursing homes, senior care facilities, and hospitals to prevent elderly and disabled individuals from serious injury if they fall from their beds (Wikipedia). Fall safety mats are considered a core component of an integrative fall prevention strategy (Mayo […]

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The 5 Best Hard Knuckled Gloves Reviewed


Steel knuckle, sap gloves, or as they are also known, weighted-knuckle gloves, are designed for purposes as diverse as self-protection, driving, motorcycle riding, tactical military purposes, hunting, baseball batting, and all-terrain-vehicle riding. They are engineered to be breathable, provide maximum finger dexterity, all while reinforcing the knuckles and palms for high-impact cushioning. One of our favorite […]

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The 5 Best Portable Speed Bumps


Portable speed bumps are great for slowing down and calming traffic in areas that are near outdoor events, public schools, bustling fairs and other locations where cars and people are intermingling. These brightly colored portable traffic control options are a real lifesaver in the event that you need to keep drivers from behaving aggressively or […]

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The 5 Best Fire Escape Ladders

Escape Ladders Reviews

Fire emergency escape ladders provide you and your family a safe exit strategy in the event of a home fire. They are easy-to-store ladders that grapple on to the edge of a window-frame and unfurl strong steel ladder rungs to enable a secure escape. Many users buy several to store in each room of upper-floor […]

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The 5 Best Shoe Cover Dispensers

Shoe Cover Dispenser Reviews

Automatic shoe cover dispensers are a time-saving and hassle-free way of covering the shoes of workers and guests to your business without forcing them to bend over and put the shoe covers on manually. The Emperor of Gadgets automatic shoe cover dispenser is our top pick. It is a commercial-grade automatic shoe cover dispenser that […]

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The 5 Best CO2 Automatic Life Vests

Co2 Automatic Life Vest Reviews

CO2 automatic life vests will automatically inflate when immersed in water and many feature manual inflating options as well. The CO2 automatic life vests we review below are less bulky alternatives to traditional flotation devices- they do not restrict your movement, are incredibly lightweight, pretty comfortable and actually fashionable!In addition, they can keep you warm in cold weather […]

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The 5 Best Sneeze Guards

sneeze guard reviews

If you run a restaurant with a buffet you’re likely required by law to protect food from contamination using a sneeze guard. There are a variety of high-quality sneeze guards on the market today, available in different sizes, for you to select from. Let’s take a look at the best-selling models available for online purchase. Sneeze […]

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The 5 Best Adult Training Wheel Kits

evo mobility adult training wheel 2

There are 47 Million Bike Riders In The United States. Are you looking to become one? If you are looking for a high-quality pair of adult training wheels, you’ve come to the right place. A pair of training wheels will keep you secure as you learn to ride, or perhaps maintain your stability if you […]

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