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The 5 Best Spray Tan Machines Reviewed


The spray-tan guns we review below are primarily designed for home use. Great for maintaining your tan without resorting to expensive salon appointments, or purchasing a spray-tanning bed. Spray tanning guns often ship with a full bundle of accessories including tents, tanning solutions as well as various replacement parts. These handy bundles equip you to […]

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The 5 Best TV & Video Game Timers Reviewed

Top 5 Videogame timers Review

TV and video game timers enable you to automatically control how much television, video games and even computer access your child has. They typically work by providing child users either pin or token access with time credits on a daily or weekly basis. The devices control the power or signal/coaxial connection, and also include tamper-proof […]

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The 17 Best Dessert Teas Reviewed

The Best Dessert Teas Reviewed

Dessert teas are an excellent after-dinner hot drink option that is both decadent and low-calorie. Whether you enjoy the taste of a caramel vanilla tea or something with a fruitier flavor profile like a caramel apple tea, there are a variety of different types that can satisfy your palette. Perfect for after-dinner sipping or as […]

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The 5 Best Learn & Master Courses Reviewed

learn master piano review

Learn & Master by Legacy Learning Systems provides a range of award-winning courses that include ballroom dancing, drums, piano, painting, photography, blues guitar, guitar setup and maintenance, and freestyle guitar. Their ambition is to provide comprehensive and dynamic home-learning solutions as an alternative to traditional schooling or expensive private lessons. Their multimedia courses are designed […]

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The 5 Best Carpet Fans Reviewed

Carpet Fans Reviews

Carpet fans are high-powered air circulating fans that are ideal for drying out flooded basements, wet carpet, and providing cooling air circulation in confined spaces. They are engineered to be portable, compact, durable but still extremely powerful-useful for residential as well as business purposes, frequently employed by janitorial staff or professional carpet-cleaning companies. These carpet […]

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The 5 Best Portable Washing Machines Reviewed


Portable washing machines are lightweight laundering options- particularly for apartment dwellers who are fed up with hauling their laundry to a filthy basement or a half mile away to the local washateria. They do take some trial-and-error testing before getting up and running the way you want them. Particularly, you’ll have to get a feel for […]

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The 5 Best Portable Transfer Water Pumps Reviewed

Portable Transfer Water Pump Reviews

Portable water transfer pumps are designed to quickly pump water out of flooded basements, boats, & water heaters. They are also often used to increase line water pressure, helping to irrigate lawns and gardens- any application where you need to transfer water from one place to another.The Wayne Anderson PC4 portable transfer pump is one […]

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The 5 Best Portable Baseboard Heaters Reviewed


Portable baseboard heaters are an ingenious method of supplementing traditional heating sources inside of your home. They easily sit on the floor, against a baseboard, and heat the air that is against the floor. This heated air will rise from the floor, circulating throughout your home, and through the process of convection push all of […]

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The 5 Best Shoe & Boot Dryers Reviewed


If you are in the market for an electric boot dryer, you will see that, for the most part, the styles available are pretty consistent, with the exception of the Dr. Dry electric shoe warmer.The electric Dr. Dry insert warmers are inserted into the shoe, using a heater that boasts an ability to completely dry a […]

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The 5 Best Microwave Carts Reviewed


Microwave carts are useful storage solutions as well as mobile workstations. They help free up space in cramped kitchens and provide a portable cooking work area. There are a bunch of different styles of microwave carts on the market today- some resembling full portmanteaus, but the minimalist Whitmor Supreme is our top microwave cart pick. […]

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